Comodo fails to update!

Comodo fails to update itself to the version 3.13.121240.574 (: 25th November, 2009).
First the loading starts very slow and finally after 5% comodo informs me that connection failed. Avira and all the other security programs udpate fine, but Comodo fails to update. Is there way to do this update manually? :-\

PS: Its Error 109

Hi Jonza121

Can you tell us what your current version is?
I think your version is to old to do an update…


Huh? It shows me that I already got the latest version, when i check the version from the “information” link.
Why the update tool then says that new updates are found? I dont understand. Is this a somekind of bug?

How i can be sure that i REALLY do have the latest version :THNK

latest is 3.13.x.579 so you should be able to make an upgrade… can you try again tomorrow see if that works better, sometimes there are some issues with update servers and connections etc…

Nope. Still fails :-X

Could you guys make a somekind of manual installer pack, cause many other seem to have the same problem :-TD


Setup Links:
Size: 39M ( 40603920 )
MD5: 23edb337e2e0ef95136f80225168f633
SHA1: f0c8026a2bf18c918462227f504c2d141094de20

Size: 42M ( 43376912 )
MD5: c05e661b45c03a034c0f05f3eb1d9ec3
SHA1: 884d45767079c3e664bd77e6ae839f63474f2028

You can export your configuration using Misc, Manage my configurations.
But if you came from a more previous version like 3.9 etc… i would suggest to do a clean install and start all over again

Original Release post here


I have the same problem. Later December 29, my computer can’t update.

The huge problem here is I have the 3.13.125662.579 installed in my computer, so, is not the version, and every 2 minutes appear in the corner a comodo bubble trying to make a update but always fail.

I use CIS with Firewall and Antivirus, and I don’t have nothing more installed in my computer (blocking the connection).

Can some body help me? :-[

I like the Comodo, but with this problem I don’t know if something like this is good in my computer.

Thank you a lot!! :wink:

Are you willing to do a packet capture to determine what’s going on on the network?
Seems like a lot of users are experiencing trouble updating…

For those who don’t feel like testing you can try this workaround: Where can i download the latest full AV database?

Just to add some more info on another failure to update…

I’m running 3.13.125662.579 and get “Failed to update the virus signature database…etc.” message at 50%.

My Database hasn’t updated since Dec 31 2009.

I recently upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium - not sure if this is related to the failure to update - I thought I upgraded before Dec 31, but possibly not.

Any idea how to resolve the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi ian

The dev’s have identified the issue, and are thinking about how to fix this…

Just FYI:

Anybody who will apply the workaround will not get the subsequent updates until tomorrow morning (USA Coast Time Zone)