comodo fails to scan this data, or in cases does not tell about a virus (.zip) (0 files scanned!, scan completed, nothing found)

just one example. if you scan two of them, maybe you have to STOP the scan, because it didnt finish. and then “program has to be closed” from windows about comodo antivirus scan. “program is not reacting”.

you dont see what comodo scans. only the .zip-name .
these files wasnt unzipped, because they wasnt scanned. all settings were made, so that manual scanning would fit these files (large mb amount, archives).

BTW, right click scan should not be affected by manual scan settings. BECAUSE, if you want to scan an archive, but have unmarked “scan archives”, then comodo tells you: “1 file scanned, nothing found”. EVEN IF there IS a “virus” in this archive! (isnt it funny, that comodo tells you “1file scanned” when you disabled the scanning, but tells you “0 files scanned” if you activate it? :smiley: )
i tested it with an still active false positive. comodo told me THEN, theres no “virus” in it… lol. or test it with eicar testfile .zip1/2 . unmark “scan archives” under manual scanning. so useless and dangerous to set with that the kontext menu scan too, while pretending to have scanned it. thats a big FAIL.
AND whats with files larger than 20mb (default setting)? will comodo tell us, it has scanned larger files too, nothing found?

there are a lot of attempts to get steam account data. i dont want to open an archive before comodo will scan it really. just tested it again. its definitely reproduceable.

so often comodo av looks like a beta. i have to tell each time i use it some questions and problems in this forum. as if comodo needs feedback to make a product.
that i try it again and again, shows that i have a good opinion about to use the whole suite. but each time after a few days, i want to go back to my usual antivirus. because i dont feel safe, when there are OBVIOUS things not working well. i think then: “what UNobvious things are there causing maybe real unsecure things…”