Comodo fails Leaktest

I have Comodo fireall and when I try running this test

it fails everytime, it worked a few days ago, but I had to do a clean reinstall of my system and now Comodo isn’t working, any ideas what’s going on here?

check the firewall rules. Open the main console, so to firewall, advanced on the left and click on network security policy. Scroll down and see if you can find an entry that relates to the leak test. Remove it if there is one and try it again.

!ot! : you’re using earlier version of CFP. i think you need to update. the latest CIS is V. 3.10

May be as simple as you have the firewall disabled check that setting also. ;D

Got it to work, it was still in the network policies area, thanks guys.

Btw, the newest version of Comodo, does it have the antivirus in it?
I’d rather only have a clean Comodo firewall and that’s it, since I really like AntiVir for my AV.
Will it force me down the road to upgrade to the firewall/antivirus all in one? ???

you don’t have to install the AV, you just unselect it during install. I would recommend D+ to supplement avira though.

Are you behind a router? Then you are probing the router’s NAT/firewall and not CIS.

Its GRC leak test not Shields Up test. They are 2 different things Eric. A Mod should know the difference.