Comodo failed pc flank leak test

I tried the pcflank leak test with comodo 5. it failed on my vista 32 bit. On my 64 bit win 7 I get an alert
Can anyone explain why

FW and DF+ are in safe mode bth PC. The one that fails fails regardless of sandbox setting. The one that passes will pass regardless of sand box setting

On the 32 bit vista i disabled ie and it said it had failed. but the text was not on the pcflank page page

Edit. Both pcs were alerted to Steve Gibson leaktest

Is this PC flank test ?i am playing around with it now.
The first test is surprising. This flank test came through the nat router and even though i stealth-ed my ports with comodo 6 firewall it says 135,137,138,139 ports are visible on your system. It recommends I install Outpost Firewall Pro.So apparently there is away to hide 135,137,138, and port 139 on your PC behind a Nat router. When i ran it’s complex test of all the exploits i passed. So i have 4 visible ports. and my browser comodo dragon it gave a 50 as far as security. see attachments. I am running Comodo 6 with Windows 8 x64 bit Pro

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thats it

are you behind a router

yes a firewalled router

What were your results david?

this is the problem then the pcflank test is probing your router and not comodo firewall. if you want to test comodo firewall either disable the NAT/Firewall on your router or connect directly to your modem.

how come then it only fails on one pc? On the win 7 i get alerts from comodo

as inmmy op. failed on vista 32 bit but not on the win 7 64bit

not sure honestly but maybe a more knowlegable firewall user can say

Well to be sure i will uninstall Comodo 6 on my spare pc and install outpost and run the test. like it says. Just to see.

Check your router settings for port forwarding and whether the windows 7 PC is DMZ’d

Interesting, the same ports for me yet says they’re stealth 88)
I request that others take the same test and report whether it says the same ports are open. If so, I think they are trying to sell the software :wink:
Edit: also tried and the ports didn’t respond (stealth)
Edit 2: Tried two other tests and nothing… only pcflank reports on those ports.

All I can say is stay away from Outpost Firewall Pro x64 Latest version if you are running windows 8. i had to boot safe mode and uninstall avast. I rebooted without avast and still locks up my other win 8 pro x64 PC. Hopefully i can get this !?!?!? uninstalled. It would be nice to know the answer but someone else can try.
I got lucky and it uninstalled in safe mode. :o

Outpost Firewall Pro and compatibility :-TD

And that was the latest version from there website.

Not seeing any issues here

So you have Outpost Firewall Pro Installed? I suppose you are going to run the pc flank test now? 8)

try blocking ie in comodo , disconnecting from the net and running the test.

I have it installed on Windows 7 and Windows 8 because I wanted to check the Avast bypass settings. Last time I looked at OP and Avast, it behaved quite differently to CIS.

I suppose you are going to run the pc flank test now? 8)

I already have and as I said, no problems with any of the tests.

so ports 135, 137, 138, 139 are not visible on your nat router i guess.
I wonder who else has visible ports. i was wondering whether it would not show 135, 137, 138 , 139
as visible behind a nat router with Outpost installed. most likely the would still show visible but…i we will never know… just probes to see if it is not responding. not if it is visible.

Below are the advanced test results. Basic test shows Safe for the first two tests but the browser privacy test fails (not overly worried about that). The ‘stealth’ test is also ok.

Perhaps you could try an online nmap scan -

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