Comodo fail to pass the new Leaktest by PC Flank

I’ve tested this new Leaktest by PC Flank and it said that my firewall fail it.

Here is the link if you guys want to test it out on your own:

You are right it fails. And with the wallbreaker makes them two leaktest that CFP fails :frowning:
Hope that the support team can fix these on the next update

Well, I know nothing about PC flank but it seems odd to me that the only firewall that passes its test is one that I’ve never heard of which costs a hundred dollars.

Tiny Personal Firewall is a well known firewall. I don’t remember if they had a free version or not. :slight_smile:

oh sorry, maybe i should go look for a free version of that since no one here is going to help me :cry:

If it passed the most recent tests and all the other ones didn’t I guess that’s the one to buy

Have you used it? Does it have an easy to use GUI like Comodo?

oh sorry, maybe i should go look for a free version of that since no one here is going to help me

be patient, someone will reply. they are very quick at updating here.
btw is that leaktest a internet explorer bug/exploit? reason i ask is because i have internet explorer blocked with cpf as i always use firefox, and that won’t work with firefox.

Guys :slight_smile:

Worry not! wait for small update and then see who are the only ones that pass this test :wink:

We won’t let anyone beat us! Keep helping us by showing how to improve and imrpove we will!



Yes I have verified that this test uses COM interface of inernet explorer. This test is the same test as previously reported Zabypass exploit. We will be issuing necessary updates soon.



I tried the stealth test on that site too Stealth Test | PCFlank , and found that is says that the udp protocol is not stealthed. Result attached.

They recommend a firewall to fix the problem! Should Comodo be expected to hide the udp protocol, or is that not a responsibility of a firewall?


j mayo

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And then I tried the browser test and failed miserably. I have cookies set to prompt for 1st party and block third party, with no session cookie.

The problem is that is says that:

"Referrer check

While visiting web sites your browser reveals private information (called ‘referrer’) about previous sites you have visited.


We advise you to get personal firewall software. If you already have a firewall program adjust it to block the distribution of such information (referrer). "

So how do I block referrer information?

Hello, you can install proxomitron it is a free web- filtering proxy

after installation you should pass the referrer test ;D

Hello, you don’t say what browser is used, but in the Opera browser you can disable referrer info. Hope this helps, tim

What is your network configuration? R u using an ADSL modem that acts as a gateway while connecting to the Internet?

hey micha!

It passes now thanks ;D

Wow there is so much internet security software these days, or would this problem have been fixed by having firefox or opera instead of ie?

Although I still fail the cookie test shrug and I only accept first party cookies on prompt ???

Should I change to a better browser as timcan suggests?

No it is cable via LAN settings.

Hi, in ie you have to make sure that pcflank’s cookie isn’t already on your computer.

Well you can try opera and see if you like it :smiley:

I deleted all the cookies and the temporary internet files, then I set the cookies to block all 1st, session and 3rd party cookies, and it still fails the cookie test :o

So might be time to try one of the other browsers which is the best of firefox, mozilla or opera at least from a security pov?

Hij mayo,I use the Opera browser (cookies accepted ticked in preferences) and of course fail the cookie test that you refer to. But I will add that I use spybot search & destroy with the immunize feature enabled and when I do a scan with sb s&d it rarely detects a tracking cookie. btw cookies are not malicous. Hope this helps,tim

You probably have clicked the box that that says: Apply my decision to all cookies from this Web site.

To fix this go to Tools > Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab. Then click on websites
and delete the pcflank entry

A site that monitors security vulnerabilities for those browsers,

Hey Tim and Micha

I tried firefox, but it was way too slow to load each page for me, and then I tried opera and found that the cookie problem fixed at last ;D

Only problem with it was that it seems unfinished to me, the current cookie settings were not displayed by the application properly, and the main scroll bar on the right of the browser flickered and was almost impossible to interact with and that was only using it for a few minutes. The tabbed browsing would be good if you have a 50 inch screen though!

Also and most importantly was that there seemed to be a lack of detail in the security settings part of the system, compared with tools internet option menu of IE, and less options to cutomise favourites like in IE. So Opera it seems like a little sister version of IE to me, good for beginners though.

And so I reinstalled IE again I guess because it seems to have more security options than the others, and seems stable and robust, and for me is the fastest when I browse.

So then I tried to find a cookie filter program to sort out the cookie problem for IE. I tried cookie wall, but it failed. Then I tried WebWasher classic 3.4 which is supposed to block cookies and referrer information, but it failed both the cookie and the referrer info test ::).

So I uninstalled everything and put proxomitron back on duty, finally an app that works! Then I went back to pcflank and after all that effort, cleared cookies again, and tried the browser test again, and this time it worked :-[ Maybe I was on a compare IE to the others goose chase but at least I finally passed the test. Don’t mention cookies to me ever again >:(

Good site micha btw you obviously know your stuff, the only problem with is that it has heaps more security tests, and I don’t know how many more fails I can cope with. I am going to hope that MS will eventually fix the problems up and keep sending me patches. :slight_smile:

Now all I have to worry about is the non stealthed udp protocol hmmm.