comodo, facebook and hattrick

this is my problem. i did not touch anything on my firewall and in my firewall i do not have blocked network zones, still i can open sites, and i can see pages inside those sites but if i want to add friend on facebook or recruit young player in hattrick i can not do that. screen show LOADING and nothing happens. help pls

I don’t see how CFP could affect Facebook (I have it, no rules what so ever), not sure about hattrick. Do you have a web browser scanner or AV that could be affecting it.

The only think I can suggest as far as CFP is concerned is to have your browsers marked as web browser in Firewall and trusted in D+

I had the same problem with accessing Facebook suddenly in the last week or two. All other sites seemed OK.

I fixed it last night- I noticed I had a ton of ‘pending files’ in Defence+, and apparently these are marked as ‘unsafe’ with Defence+ is in ‘Clean PC’ state. I changed it to be in Training mode, reopened a new browser, and away it went.

Hope that helps. (:KWL)


Only way i would see CIS/CFP w/ Defense Would Affect Facebook/Myspace/etc… would be a web application installs a “file” onto your system (Adobe Flash, etc…) Then it could…
Since Facebook’s Secutiy Team Set Up A New “Structure” it could affect it…

but i wouldn’t know


I don’t know. I use Facebook all the time and have D+ in safe mode. I can’t recall OKing anything for Facebook.

It gets stuck trying to download something (who knows what- maybe even dodgy Javascript?) from which obviously holds some of the Facebook content. It seems D+ has some objection to something there.

Maybe it effects mine & not others due to version differences depending on OS etc? Perhaps even only one combination is triggering it. I have Vista Ultimate SP1 with latest hotfixes, and Comodo FW v3.5.57173.439

Browser version doesn’t seem relevant, it effected Firefox & IE equally.

May be you are using the same ad blocker or ad block list for both browsers? That would be a more usual suspect.