COMODO Extensions


Anyone else think it would be a good idea for COMODO to develop their own extensions? I’m not a Chrome user but I’m sure Google do the same for Chrome so why not COMODO. Please share your thoughts.


Hi Graham1,

I’ve looked at the ‘Google Remote Desktop’ but reading through they want to access ALL your details !!! ??? >:-D

:-La As it does not appear there will be a portable version of COMODO Unite, it would be nice to see COMODO develop an App for Dragon?? :slight_smile:

I like the idea :slight_smile: this way CD will be more unique and also give a user a reason why they should use CD

Every extension mentions that, or the majority do, whether they do access your details or not. It’s just a standard to mention it, some of the creators of the extensions mention that they are in no way trying to access your details, regardless of the statement.

It’s a standard to say that Google invades your privacy, but that’s seen more factual or we wouldn’t have Dragon or Iron, maybe Chrome Plus either.

Exactly!!! Just like apps made the iPhone/Android, COMODO extensions (based on security, privacy, etc) will make COMODO Dragon stand out from it’s Chromium brothers ;D.


I would rather they spend their time on browser improvements than extension development. There are already far more extension authors than browser developers. :wink:

That would be nice if we can utilize Google Chrome extensions.

Most Chrome extensions work just fine.

Not Sure;

Reason stated by HeffeD is quite mainly why i feel that they shouldn’t. Although they have a team for individual products and their features, they need to focus on more things such as security improvements and feature improvements

Improvements to the browser (i.e security, optimization) would still be added within Dragon and made priority but features (like site inspector, secure dns, etc) could be made available as downloadable extensions.


if comodo does do their own extensions, they need to not break when comodo updates like how chromes extensions don’t break when the browser updates. also we need to be able to still use chrome extensions if we want to. of course if dragon stays chromium based then this is pretty much automatic anyways