Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard certificate not appearing secure in Dragon?

I recently started using Comodo Dragon. I noticed when using Comodo Dragon on a site that has a Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard certificate installed, the URL is orange. This happens regardless if all the URLs are https and if it’s on the root URL.

I’m curious, is this because only ‘the identity of ownership domain name has been verified’ or is there something else causing this?

This is only seems to happen when I’m only using Comodo Dragon. Other Chromium based browsers, such as Chrome, don’t appear to have this issue.

Many thanks!


Could you provide the website address where you see the issue?


Domain Validated (DV) – These certificates are the lowest cost means of securing a website but do not provide authentication or validation of the business behind the website. Unlike EV and OV certificates, DV certs provide are validated and provisioned automatically via an online interface using a system of ‘challenge-response’ emails. If the site you are on is using a DV certificate then Dragon will change HTTPS to yellow and place a yellow alert symbol over the padlock. This is to inform you that the organization behind the website has not been authenticated so you may want to proceed with caution:

SSL Certificates and Secure Connections

Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard certificates are Domain Validated.

Thank you for your detailed reply. I don’t why I didn’t look and find that help area first. Now I’m off to do some reading :smiley: