COMODO Error -21470127867

Hello, I have recently switched from Avast! to comodo(because of multiple friends bragging about it), And i decided to give it a run. Recently my proxies where scrabled by a malicious virus, and now I have them set to OFF, but yet whenever i try to update Comodo’s virus database, it gives me the error -21470127867.

Could anyone help me out, please? :-\

Hey and Welcome!

I assume you have uninstalled Avast. download CSC (comodo system cleaner) and clean the remaining registry from avast. But before you do that go in all settings and mark the second and the last option. here is a more detailed info how to configurate CSC

CSC will do a good job. I recommend these settings.

run CSC. CSC —> Settings —> General. Here you mark all besides the last one option.

CSC —> registry cleaner —> settings. Here you mark the second and the last option.

CSC —> privacy cleaer —> settings. Mark the second and the last option

CSC —> disk cleaner ----> settings. Mark the second and the last option.

Make sure that you have one firewall active.


I followed your advice, and it still doesn’t want to update.

I think my internet explorer settings or my computer internet settings might be messed up?

My bro also had a similar prob. I scanned & cleaned the system with Malwarebytes Free. Then I proceeded with Hitman Pro Second Opinion Malware Scanner & it found a malware & a malicious proxy server. It removed the malware & repaired the malicious proxy server i.e deleted the malicious proxy server. Everything was fine later. Give it a try. By the way I scanned the system with Full Scan option of Malwarebytes & not the Quick Scan option.


That can also be the case.

Thanks Naren, they picked up the malicious proxy right away!