COMODO entry on Wikipedia - Comparison of antivirus software


Whilst looking around during some spare time I found this entry on the Wikipedia Site:-

Scroll down to the COMODO entry and :o ’ Third-party antivirus engine (Bitdefender)

Maybe they finally decided to buy better engine with less FPs.

Thank you for bringing this to Comodo’s attention.

The article is not correct. Comodo is using its own AV and not a third party’s engine.

False positives are not caused by the engine but by Comodo’s server side infrastructure.

Oh…I thought “Unclassified Malware” were signatures…

If I am not mistaken they come from the cloud.

Yeah, it also says that CIS has no ips/ids :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) refer to networking, so it would technically be true that CIS doesn’t have IPS or IDS, it does however have HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System)

Edit: Hmm upon further reading there isn’t anything inherently network for IPS and IDS, they are the general term one could say, IPS specific for networks are apparently called NIPS (Network Intrusion Detection Systems) there also seems to be a term specific for Wireless (WIPS) however it also seems that for networks they are generally called IPS and IDS but for hosts it’s specifically called HIPS… Iunno inconsistent terminology is annoying, point is that that page isn’t accurate.

There are a lot of mistakes, F-Secure and UnThreat don’t use F-Prot, Outpost doesn’t use Kaspersky, Fortinet doesn’t use Bitdefender, G Data doesn’t use Avast engine anymore. I will edit it.