Comodo endless update

Hi I upgraded my windows 7 32 bits to windows 7 x64 bits. Now i have this problem with the Comodo antivirus updater. When I update the antivirus everything go’s well and when it’s ready updating it says I have to restart my pc to activate the antivirus database. I restarted my pc but then it tells me that it’s not updated. So i tried updating it and restarting my pc for 100 times but still it says antivirus not updated.
I never had this problem with windows 7 32 bits.
My pc conection to the internet is at full speed so that won’t be the problem.
I tried uninstalling comodo and installing it again. But still the problem won’t go away.
I’m running comodo version 3.13.121240.574.
Some help would be great. Thanx and sorry for my bad English! (:WAV)

When it says it’s never been updated, just wait until the next automatic update and all should be well.

I tried manual updating for like 100 times lol but didn’t work.
But after waiting for the automatic update, it updated the database and restarted my pc.
Thanx for the help Heffed! :BNC

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why it does that.