Comodo Email

The product I would gladly see from you would be an email service. Knowing that Google gives my data to everyone just at whim url=[/url]. Because of that I’m thinking about leaving Gmail, stopped trusting google. I don’t have anything to hide but also I don’t want my information to be known to everyone. I would trust you guys with keeping my mails because you’re doing hell of a great job with other security products. You just care about those who trusted you :). Please tell me what you think about it.

Umm… Not to sure if you know this but Comodo is Also based in the US… So umm Yeah If the US Agencies needed information or wanted information from Comodo such as IP Address or logs etc etc I believe(I THINK) by law they have to willfully hand it over due to US Laws

Yes You are right. So the only thing now is general trust in them. Also lately there is that thing about google looking inside your emails. I know it’s only for advertisement (at least I hope so) and I know it is only a script doing this. But you know, how would you feel if someone broke into your mailbox in front of your house?

Feel Free to touch my mail box and go through the mail, Just smile because your on candid-camera, and I’m sure the Cops will be surely looking for you and throwing you in prison for that federal offense :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note; You should read Privacy Policies and Policies of such company(s) before clicking “I Accept/I Agree” They spend thousands and thousands of dollars in legal expenses to right such things not for the hoot of it but actually to let you know what they can and cannot do etc etc

You have to realize this cloud idea isn’t new, actually It’s rather old. So, things like this have been happening for many years now, It’s just people don’t realize that governments actually play a huge part, and so when it comes down to it; you have to trust your government and your ISP, and your Service Provider/Email/Storage/Internet Security/Software Vendor etc etc and the link between each. If you don’t trust them then you’ll end up being paranoid which isn’t a bad thing but later on in your tech career you’ll find out there isn’t a such thing called Security lol or if you don’t care about your info like i do then you’ll be free like a bird with no feathers lol

Thank You for your opinion. Seems like I just have to cool down a bit in this matter. Being too paranoid would be bad for my health :stuck_out_tongue: All in all, I’m not doing anything bad or interesting so no one would want to read my mail anyway ;D

Your Welcome;

Nothing wrong with being Paranoid, We all go through that stage :slight_smile:

My Emails are rather boring, My mail is just bills anyone wants to pay them for me, go an ahead lol :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not stopping ya …

Well If you have any other questions just ask :slight_smile:

When you sign up to the My Opera community of Opera browser you also a get an email address for free. It has no ads but is still in beta stage:

I agree with a secure ad free no nonsense email service.

I am not paranoid of “orthoroteas” , most are in there for free tea and biscuits!
Anyway, the biggest mongrul are the ads, in your face type.

THAT’S the worry because it is dollar driven to shapes minds and demography.
I have nothing against most ads or ad companies, I’d do the same if I was in business. Most ad companies are legitimate and have workers going about their daily lives. But it is the principle, of the constant flashing “in your face” ads, especially food ads. Some are compulsive eaters with medical issues, and etc etc etc, yet we all need to use the internet.

Solution ?

Possibly an array of fair ideas without the all mighty $$ in mind,
BUT, the free version, if there is to be a COMODO free email may have to have limited storage, like 5 Gigs. No ads, No fuss and all the essentials.

If one requires more storage, obviously they are in business, what else would one require so much cyber real estate for?

Also, a donation, 50% to charity, 50% to ongoing development might be thrown in for consideration to.
I’m not saying this is the rule, more towards what is the ideal scenario and principle, so we don’t have these pesty flashing, in ya face ads.

Or, And,
an On/Off button to have the ads come On or Off,
give people their choice

i think yes!! Comodo should start giving out atleast 250mb of safe and secure pop/imap/forward email :slight_smile:

I would really love to see Comodo release a secure e-mail client. I want my privacy to be actually respected. Is this a possibility? I doubt it. I am not a criminal or anything along those lines. But I am tired of being screened through e-mail, browsers, google, facebook (cancelled that sh*t). Does the comodo developers actually read these forums? If you do your browser is a home run! Love it!

I am hovering through this topic thread, after some time now am getting more used to COMODO,
hope we soon get the e-mail client to replace Mozilla T/bird, Outlook etc.
Not that I have anything negative to say about MTBird, but I think a complete package is now due.
We have Dragon, CIS, System Cleaner, Live help if choose to use and lots of other products.

So it is fair to post again a email client ( stand-alone ) and as compatibly if not better with MS Office.

A VBA project for example uses Outlook Express to “talk” to the email client. or I have to re-code everything, again if it is to “talk” with other e-clients.
But if COMODO team were to produce their e-mail client, I would then take the time to re-VBA code so it “talks” to a COMODO client.

Just a illustration to consider these things to, during hopefull developments

I POP3 all of my e-mail to my computer instead of leaving it out on an e-mail server. I use a customized version of Thunderbird made by someone else that works wonderfully and blows the default version of Thunderbird out of the water.