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Hi Everyone.

Hope all is well and your New Year is off to a great start : )

I just wanted to reach out to everyone about the recent Comodo emails that you may have been receiving. Like I have previously stated we have started to run marketing campaigns to our current customers who have provided us with there email addresses notifying them of new product offerings, promotions, newsletters, etc. I have noticed that there have been some negative thoughts about these emails and I do apologize if they offended anyone - we value all of our customers and would not want to look badly to you. That being said for anyone that has not been able to unsubscribe to the emails (you should be able to within every email unsubscribe and be off the list in 5-7 days) please email me directly and I will make sure you are unsubscribed. Once again I am sorry for any problems this has caused and do hope that some of you are enjoying hearing about all the great security products and news Comodo have to share.

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Kimberly Leone
Marketing Manager- Consumer

Could Comodo make a blog or newsletter?

Blog idea: staff members could taking turns writing an entry into the blog once a day. :slight_smile: Example: a dev of i-vault says that it will be put on hold, a dev from CIS says that transferring the sigs to the new format will take awhile, etc.

Newsletter idea: maybe a weekly email of what has happened that week. Example: a new beta of CIS has been released and what features it has, a interesting kind of virus has come out, info about CIMA, etc.


Thanks for your ideas - I appreciate it : )

Comodo actually sends out a monthly newsletter. If you are a customer and have provided your email address you should recieve it once a month. Let me know if you have not recieved it and I will sign you up.


Yes, I have provided my email numerous times. I do get emails from Comodo, but they are a bit more like ads.


If you want you can email me your email address and I will put you on the newsletter list : )


Kimberly Leone
Marketing Manager- Consumer

Hi, I just wanted to tell everyone that I think this site is where you can sign up for the newsletter:


As there is some important info for Comodo users and customers I made a sticky of the topic. (:m*)

I am new to this form of communication! (:SAD) I wanted to e-mail Comodo but cannot find their e-mail address so I picked this one. I have a question about the workings of the antivirus protection and its this, on a regular basis the Comodo logo appears on my screen and tells me that a file needs my authorisation to stop it or allow it, I nearly always dont know the file, sometimes there is a clue the word google or microsoft appears somewhere so I give the go ahead but most times i havnt a clue.

I feel a bit stupid asking about this and there is probably a simple answer on how to deal with this but I do want to keep my computer sake, I will say since i have been using Comodo I have been virus free (I think/ hope)

Hi and welcome ekent! :slight_smile:

Can you post a screen shot, or at least describe the Comodo popup windows a bit further? Is it related to Defense+?

If you can help me to understand better, I’ll also move this post to a new topic in the proper section of the forum.