Comodo Email Client

All the software that Comodo creates to protect users by email should be packaged up in a email client for the consumer. That would be very smart and would help protect a user from common attacks people get by email. You can maybe base the email client on Mozilla Thunderbird or maybe start from scratch. I just was wondering because I’d really want an easier way of checking my email and being safe at the same time.

Hi xavierp94,

Probably Comodo can develop a good client or better than “any of many” existing,
but none of the clients by themselves can protect you from danger.

That is your own habits of opening attachments an clicking on unknown links that makes the difference anyway

Basically, since you have (or rather should have ) different layers of security – that would be your protection no matter what client you are using

The AV layer
You have “onAccess” scanning or some AV’s have “onExecution” type - that will scan whatever you file open and/or the one being executed (based on signatures)
The latter is never 100% no matter what, since only currently known threats will be detected other will be missed;
You always manually scan the entire e-mail folder or you should always download the attachments and then rescan them with you main Antivirus and/or any on-demand scanners you have (all should be updated)

HIPS (Defence+) will check execution and Alert you about it. That is users’ decision how to react – again that can help but not prevent anybody from making a mistake

Behavioral Blocker
– much better than HIPS. You can choose one of the exiting or wait for the one that Comodo will develop.
The same story - it can work (and does work) much better than HIPS , but never 100% and will always have False Positives as any AV or will miss unknown

There are other ways and additional layers that can be used but non belongs to the client itself

That is mainly all we can do

As for the real-time e-mail scanning – the same story: 1st it does not belong to the client and another point is - that feature must be disabled since that causes the corruption or the e-mail.
Those clients that are managing incoming e-mail in one file (like Thunderbird) are more vulnerable since you loose all in one go

Comodo doesn’t have real-time email scanning and that’s good :-TU

Here is one of the recent entries from MS forum about real-time e-mail scanning and the MSE

There were several discussions in the forum about real-time email scanning and the damage it can cause;msg267498#msg267498
see comments by Melih and ronnycopeh there and by many other users in similar discussions in the forum

If you read many major AV player’s sites / forums you will find the same advice regarding disabling real-times for corporate and personal e-mail systems / SQL servers and alike ( search Symantec’s site you will definitely find that)

Finally - I am not sure how any new client itself can help in order to provide better or additional protection…

… but probably some new ideas will be posted by the users and the developers

My regards

I know that. I was just trying to say that Comodo should integrate their new technologies for email security in a client. I know that the best way to protect yourself are logical and common steps. Even though we have these programs we are not totally secure but it can do a lot to prevent situations like that.


I’ve sujested that before, it might be a good idea to integrate the antispam, secure email (and perhaps even CIS) into 1 program.

It should be on the ‘long-term’ schedule.


I hope not

and that is because ?


+1 :-TU

At the same time, eXPerience, it will be interesting to have few points about what this another “integration” can bring in addition to existing layers that are protecting e-mails
You should have some ideas that we may not see.


It’s 'Feature Creep" We already have a firewall, HIP’s, AV and now a sandbox. It’s supposed to be a security suite not an all singing all dancing, I do everything application.

To eliminate spam simply create a junk email account or use services like OneOffEmail .Com when signing up to forums, also take care of your online privacy.

Secure email is also not needed for normal day to day use and if anything will have the various agencies that monitor such things take more interest in your online activities than you might wish.

The old adage still holds true, keep it simple.