Comodo EasyVPN Connection Issues


Recently I installed the Comodo EasyVPN but its been anything but easy. I can get the Chat function to work no problems but when I try to Remote into another computer on my Home Network EasyVPN will say session has ended. I have tried turning off my Comodo Firewall software on both computers but im still having this issue.

I was hoping this software would allow me to access my mates computers also should they need some IT suport but its not looking to good if cant even work on my own network. Do i need forward some ports on my router?

Any help on this would great. (Love all the other Comodo products!)

I have the same problems. It would be nice if someone ever came up with a solution.

I have the same issue. Trying to connect 2 WinXP machines. Can chat and send files but no remote desktop. Any ideas PLEASE.


  1. disable the windows firewall and comodo firewall then check out

  2. If its works fine, then turn off windows firewall and enable comodo firewall and add easy Vpn.exe in trusted application , and open the port no 3389 in comodo firewall(using for remote desktop)


We’ve identified that EasyVPN has difficulties connecting remote control under certain connection topologies. A new version of EasyVPN will be out next week to address these.


Will this new version support this huge problem???

More details, you can check this:;msg268301#msg268301;msg275977#msg275977;msg269785#msg269785