Comodo EasyVPN 1.0.65297.58 released.

Comodo EasyVPN 1.0.65297.58 is now available for download from:

32 bit version
Size: 4.88MB (5,122,048 bytes)
MD5 - DADADA4AD55F752F2F0D33F9D9454DDC
SHA1 – BBABBDC27B603E1243FC03C5E3596E21AB5D466B

64 bit version
Size: 6.30MB (6,615,552 bytes)
MD5 - 9316343ACBC4EBE7E780CB15A12935E3
SHA1 – C361DDAE8ABCF6C7FBDB719C42ED6C1F11125491

New in this version:
–FIXED Message history can not display smileys which are sent by self.
–FIXED Contacts cannot be moved to the group where group name contains more than 19 characters.
–FIXED Files can be dragged and dropped into the Network Conversation window.
–FIXED bug where EasyVPN terminates during the Conference with Network.
–FIXED One user name is remembered unexpectedly if the Remember me check box is checked.
–FIXED The conversation window closed unexpectedly after clicking the ESC button 3 times when sending the files to other contacts.
–FIXED Some prompt messages in the conversation window do not display automatically at the bottom of the window.
–FIXED Issue where EasyVPN terminates on signing in attempt in case of non-administrator account
–FIXED Characters case on the login page
–FIXED The password can be remembered without the “Remember my password” option checking on.
–FIXED Client terminates during receiving global messages
–FIXED Changing default ports of server and the client
–FIXED Issue where search button erase text which user wants to send
–FIXED Unnecessary word Say in history
–FIXED Own message in conference history has no owner if user name contains capital letters
–FIXED Text is silently truncated on pasting to text input area of dialog.
–FIXED Line breaks in invitation text
–FIXED Files with international symbols in name can not be sent
–FIXED Issue where EasyVPN client sometimes terminates after canceling the file sending process.
–FIXED Bug where EasyVPN can not be showed as Away automatically when inactive for N minutes.
–FIXED The new password can not be changed
–FIXED The result for search the contacts is overlapping if the contact has left a network and then joins in again.
–FIXED Transfer of files cannot be deleted after cancelling the process of the transfer.
–FIXED File Transfer Control Refresh Error.
–FIXED Issue with lost user of network groups.
–FIXED Issue under certain conditions where EasyVPN client cannot start the virtual adapter after installation.
–FIXED Numerous GUI related glitches.
–FIXED Issue with Windows Remote Desktop Connection whre EasyVPN is disconnected.
–FIXED Issue where EasVPN hangs during a logout of Windows Remote Desktop.
–FIXED Compatible issue with applications that use layered service providers such as anti-virus, anti-spam and Comodo SecureEmail.
–FIXED Error with the position of main window.
–FIXED Issue where EasyVPN terminates during user logout during file transfer.


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