Comodo easy vpn crash when I click anything on it

I have Installed the last version 32bits, I use win7 32bits, I have all the windows updates, I have also installed last version of java, I don’t know what to do.

Everytime I start the application, when I click anything like network or contacts whatever I click the application closes itself without error message.

Thank you anyway!!


Have you tried right clicking the icon on the desktop > Run as Admin?

Also, Have you tried to re-install the application?

Also; Any other security software you have installed? (AVG/CIS/etc etc)


Thank you a lot! for your reply, I’m not using the computer wich has the comodo vpn issue, yes I have nod32 4, av only, not smart security, tomorrow I’m going to try running the application as administrator and yes I have tried re-installing the application without fix =(!
I’ll let you know if running as administrator works!
Thank you again!

Ok; I’ll await your reply