Comodo Earns Checkmark Certification from WestCoast Labs.



Look who’s finally getting some work done.

Great! …next step in direction, VB100 I guess?

Present arm(s) ! Comodo’s arms that is !

Look sharp people ! Comodo’s on it’s way on becoming a great security product !!

Congratulations to Melih & Co !!!

ComodoIS is great already, users already know that but it needs recognition from industry as well…

Melih congratulations to you and to the umesh, the av engine is really good by now.

Roger that !!

Thank you guys!

We will continue to get certifications!



Melih lets hope that the other stop is on a advanced+ on this month test of the av-comparatives.

Thanks for the product quality Melih.


Nice work, Comodo will be more know product for global market.
And may taking challenge with other free or paid product too.

Congratulations. :smiley:

Comodo RULEZ!

Congratulations :-TU.


Nice :-TU

I m happy to see comodo getting checkmark certification, Congrats to comodo team, this again shows comodo really listens to users opinions as many of us would love to see it being tested, As i see Melih was reluctant first, but now it looks like he is going with what the users want.
Congrats to melih as well for the same.

(:CLP) :BNC (:KWL)

Congratulations! (:CLP)