Comodo Drivers still on PC after Windows OS reformat Question.

I have had Comodo securing my AMD Athlon XP 2400+ PC way back since V2.4. I have just reformatted my PC after a system crash after a Comodo V3.8 477 update (see my other post on this forum for details). Anyway to cut a long story short I installed Windows Firewall and Avira Antivirus while I restored my Programs etc. I have downloaded a new CIS copy and a copy of Boclean and was going to install them today. after reinstalling my programs I ran a scan with AutoRuns to check my start up programs and noticed that in the drivers list there were two remaining Comodo entries. I was surprised at this as I thought they would have been uninstalled during the reformat. The entries are the following:

Comodo Registry Protection Filter: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\crpf.sys

Comodo Safe Delete Filter: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\csdf.sys

What should I do with these prior to Comodo Reinstall, are they safe to delete or attached to something important in the registry. I don’t want to proceed with anything until I know what they are?.

they are not drivers from cis but from comodo system cleaner

Of course they are silly me. i forgot I had installed CRC to clean up the registry after a faulty SP3 installation. Thanks for clearing that up.

Man you’re scaring me when you implied that comodo drivers survive a disk format…lol