Comodo Drivers Safe to Disable for Firewall/HIPS Use Only

I was looking at all my Services running with Killswitch, and noticed all these Comodo dirvers that were running. I only use Comodo for Firewall and HIPS. I don’t ever use Sandboxing or anything like that. I was wondering what Comodo drivers I can disable but also have my FIrewall and HIPS fully functioning. Here’s the drivers:

Eradication Driver (Not sure about this one)
Firewall Driver (Obviously need this running)
Helper Driver (Not sure about this one)
Helper service (Not sure about this one)
Sandbox Driver (Almost certain I can disable)
Virtual Serice Manager (Already stopped)

Out of all those, which ones can I disable safely without effecting my Firewall and HIPS security?

Why do u want to disable them?

I don’t use any sort of sandboxing with Comodo, so I don’t want any drivers I don’t use running in the background. I like to keep my running processes to a bare minimum. Who wants a process constantly running that they don’t use? You know what I mean?