Comodo Dragon42.2.2.138 () (portable) (32-bit) and Flash Text rendering.

Upgraded to the new version today. What happened here? Why is this BLURRY (highlighted in yellow boxes)?

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Other notable differences with this browser version: color alteration, mainly in violet range. Overall flash rendering seems slightly fuzzy (different part of that same game).

So I got tired of looking at a broken rendering engine and found my older Dragon setup.exe. This is how it is supposed to look.

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Hi B3-bomber,
The issue maybe caused by DirectWrite support being enabled by default now.
Using Caution try the following,

  1. Copy/Paste the following line into your address bar and enter.
  2. Under ‘Disable Direct Write’, click Enable.
  3. Close the browser and restart.

Kind regards.

Thank you bit I will stick with this version until something breaks (not broke, won’t fix). I have another issue that I am sure is browser related with the newer one as well. I had an extension used for refreshing certain tabs and after a few hours it would render all other tabs in Dragon very slow. This version does not have that issue with the same extension or tabs.