Comodo Dragon Won't Update

Version 65 is currently available. However, my version is 45 and the “About” page states that “Comodo Dragon is up to date.” How do I update this ancient version? Automatic update isn’t working and I can find no option to manually start an update.

I would just download from here and it will update itself:

Tried it, but this particular machine is Win XP and the installer claims that it won’t install on XP. However, their website claims that XP is supported. Since Comodo doesn’t seem to know what they support and don’t support, does anyone here know if XP is supported or what the last supported version is?

Hi DeaTailee! Thank you for the feedback.

The latest version of Dragon supported on Windows XP is version 49. To manually update you must navigate to chrome://settings/ and select Disable automatic updates option. Also, you can access the following link to download this version:
Dragon Web Browser, Download Comodo Dragon Internet Browser.

[i]Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team[/i]