comodo dragon will not run under sandboxie.

hello forum.
im having problems getting dragon to run under sandboxie.
I get an error saying that access is denied.
could somebody please explain the procedure for sandboxing comodo dragon please.

Many thanks.

No special configuration is required to run Dragon in Sandboxie.

Sandboxie has supported Dragon for quite some time now. Are you running the latest version of Sandboxie?

Exactly how are you attempting to run Dragon in Sandboxie?

ive managed to solve the problem now.
many thanks for your help. 88)

Sir, hope you don’t mind me asking, how did you managed to solve the problem. Can you share with us? :a0

Ive entered dragon.exe into the start/run folder in sandboxie and it appears to have corrected the problem.I do hope this is the right way to run dragon sandboxed. ;D