Comodo Dragon Version is now available.

Hi All,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version Comodo Dragon Version can be downloaded from:
MD5: 66c2b31b1dfab27d487209cbc1777f89

Comodo Dragon and Chromodo both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy with Comodo Dragon brand being aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromodo aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.


The Comodo Browser Team.

Thanks Shane

I did the update from Dragon v36 by choosing About, and then letting it download and install

I Like the new notification by the Installer that it will install PrivDogs replacement … AdSanitizer … Found it in Chrome://Extensions/ page and disabled / uninstalled it so there are no potential conflicts with Privacy Badger I am already using.

Also found something unusual in chrome://plugins/

Apparently after the update I now have 2 files which are Chrome PDF Viewer ( See screenshot below )
Question 1. So how / which one do I get rid of ?

( I disable these plugins because I do not need them, less ■■■■ to go wrong imho )

Edit : Also liking WebRTC block extension ( second screenshot ), the test site is not picking up my IP Addresses at all so thats a success
So its working well in the new Dragon
Question 2 - Would Comodo be able to make such a solution to this problem ?

Question 3 : Do we still need to use the LogJam and POODLE attack prevention measures by disabling cypher suites

I am guessing that like Chromodo 42 and above we dont need to use the min version tls1, but do still need to use the cipher suites blacklist :


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The Dragon has landed. :smiley:

Congratulations with the release. :■■■■

I am confused. First you released version 43 beta and now we are getting version 42? ???

Hi NiramX,

Let me clear that up for you.

The Comodo Dragon 43 “beta” was released in the Beta Corner for beta testing only. It’s an early version to get in-the-wild feedback from our wonderful forums testers. The 43 Beta post states it’s for Beta testing only and not to be used on production machines.

Today’s release of 42 is a full General Availability (GA) release that can be installed on production machines. This version will update old Dragon users. Likewise when the 43 version is fully developed and passes QA it will then be issued as a GA release.

Hope this answers your questions.


Thanks for this release :-TU

Thank you very much for the clarification, Shane.

Thank you for the release :-TU

Finally, good job!

Hope for regular version-updates now.

nice work!

Nice! Thanks for the release!! :slight_smile:

Hi w33d3r,
As far as I can tell one is the actual viewer, the other is the plugin to activate it within the browser.

Both files are reliant on each other to view PDF documents within the browser without the need for 3rd party PDF viewers.

Kind regards.

Does this version support ‘portable’ installation ?

This is the official version of Comodo Dragon 42 is very good.

Technology Sturdy Britain software, super grateful.

Installed automatically for me this afternoon. However, when I examine plugins I see only two available (actually 3 in view of the pdf issue mentioned above). No Flash plugin? Why? I navigated to a webpage that required Flash, unintentionally, and Dragon informed me I needed to update the plugin. The problem is the “Dragon Helper” on the Adobe site indicates this version of Dragon requires FP17 PPAPI for Win7. The problem is this version is not in the pull-down list so, we are required to search the archive list. Three version of Flash 17 are listed…

  1. fp_17.0.0.134_archive

  2. fp_17.0.0.169_archive

  3. fp_17.0.0.188_archive

…and I do not know which of this is correct. Extracting each should provide the answer. However, my secondary concern is that a list entry for a flash plugin is not listed in the chrome://plugins page. I find this troublesome.

Can anyone clear these issues up for me?

Thank you.

Hi Short-Cut,

Kind regards.

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Hi R2VC,
Support for NPAPI is disabled by default for security reasons.

Kind regards.

Slower & no PrivDog? :frowning:
Dumped the AdSanitizer and installed this one AdBlock offered by
New Comodo Dragon 42.2 HTML5 6/7 :frowning: speed score 4485
Peacekeeper - Benchmarks by UL Solutions
Comodo Dragon version 36.1.12 HTML5 6/7 speed score 5625
Peacekeeper - Benchmarks by UL Solutions

So not faster much much slower and NO PrivDog :frowning:

after downloading the update it some how disabled flash and no matter how hard I tried to get it working by reinstalling it, I kept getting that it was disabled and since I couldn’t get it running I had to restore my system and now since I didn’t download the update I cannot use CD at all.

anyone know what I can do to get the update to run again & how to get flash working once I am able to update it.

at the moment I am using Fire Fox and unlike comodo the anti-ad/pop up blockers are lack luster at best and I want to get Comodo back up and running asap.

Hi and welcome ValorJ,
Please see my reply two post above your post.
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