Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download

Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:

IMPROVED: Chromium core 9.0.597.98 is used

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Hello LightStep

Just uninstalled the beta, Cleaned, and downloaded and installed the current release of Dragon
This version of Dragon seems slightly faster than the beta !

Found that the last bug I reported of only 1 of 3 options to Delete Browsing History is fixed. All 3 options now delete Browsing History.

The original bug I reported about secondary connections through the Qnext IM GUI continues.
Found if neither IE or Dragon is set as the default browser, or IE is set as default browser, clicking on Help at the top of GUI and then Qnext on the Web, I will immediately be taken to the Qnext Home Page.
When I select Dragon as the default browser, the old bug continues: the reload arrow continues to turn counter clockwise until it stops (New Host File installed from MSVP)

I doubt this can be solved without both the developers from Comodo Dragon and Qnext working together to solve it. And since it is a minor problem, it really is not a priority unless problems with other programs are found, it may only be looked at in between other projects of addressing old bugs and adding new features.

Oh I have as my Home Page and after making Dragon as my default browser and rebooting.
When I opened Dragon the reload arrow went Counter Clockwise for an instant, maybe 1 1/2 seconds before going Clockwise (opening Ever since it loads immediately Clockwise.


Was going to ask is there a way to disengage “Make Dragon My Default Browser” with out needing to Uninstall and Reinstall Dragon or Make IE8 my default browser ? ?

Also I was just reading the Html thread and hit the back arrow and the reload arrow continued to turn counter clockwise ??

Hi Maxim, Is this a Beta or its a Stable version?

I woiuld think it is the stable version as the beta was released a few weeks back.

I found that in this release if I click on link that does not connect. At least for me in the Html thread the very 1st link and on the 3rd page a link from Radaghast do not connect. If I hit the back arrow the Reload arrow continues to go counter clockwise.


A Stable version.

Issue with QNext is a Chromium bug. You can try submitting it to Chromium developers. If they fix it - Dragon will work ok also (after update to corresponding vesion of Chromium).

I don’t know a way to disable “by default” option inside Dragon. You need to open another browser and make it default.

Comodo Dragon is now available for download

New in this version:

IMPROVED: Chromium core 9.0.597.98 is used

I never installed or ran an update, but my version is this one. Note it does state 'Beta"

Its here :■■■■ Got WebGL support now :-TU If any one wants to play around check out Google Body Browser. The only problem I found for now was that I had two windows open with bunch of tabs in each and after update only one of the windows reopened. If you have the same problem just open New Tab page and on the bottom you should see “Recently closed”. This are windows that were closed by the update. Hopefully this will not happen with next updates. :viva:

Hi John,

Well the installer hashes for the beta and final mismatch so it seems we have 2 version of flying around, also checking for updates on the is (not yet?) working, says it’s up2date.

Maybe a final release with updated version number would be more clear to the users like e.g.

Hi all. Download site says 20.9 MBs, but when file is downloaded it is 31.8 MBs, why the big difference?


I guess the site needs to be updated…

Hi and Thanks Eric, so I guess I’m not alone when I see this happen.
Kind regards.

An other issue with this version number clash, you cannot upgrade if you run the new setup. You have to use repair and assume it’s overwriting the beta files with the new version. I verified the dragon.exe’s signature and that was newer then the beta release so it seems to work, but this isn’t very clean… please try to prevent this in the future :-\

OK, thanks for letting us know about version clash problem. We will prevent this in future.

The page will be updated soon.

Thanks and keep up the good work. Kind regards.

Could have a master password to manage logins recorded, because if someone opens the browser, a message could appear if the CD data met the god, and when you click yes, he requested the master password

v10 released

Will this work with Windows 7 64 bit?

Yes… But I would recommend downloading version instead.

Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download