Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download

Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:

IMPROVED: Chromium core 8.0.552.215 is used

ADDED: Google Chrome themes support

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Is this link correct? It wants to install version 6.

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Hi HeffeD.
Please check again.
Seems that I’ve made the post before download mirrors have been updated.

It should be ok now.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: :-TU :BNC

All good now! Thanks Vadym. :slight_smile:

Update through Dragon now works as well.

good work guys!

Light, very stable…secure…and no privacy issues :wink:



Thanks for the update :-TU. Running beta version but official post locked in that forum ;). Great to see CD catching up (version wise) with Chromium/Chrome. Hope to see new features added to CD in the future.


Very nice. I agree, it’s good to see CD on the same stable release as Chrome. Keep up the good work guys. :-TU

our guys will try to make sure we are fairly uptodate with Chrome going forward! Its not easy to take out all the privacy related stuff, all the calls that Google makes etc …at every release, we have to go thru and clean it all out…but we are getting better at it and we will continue to reduce the time difference.

thank you for your support. And now with Dragon 8, you have a very stable, very secure, very fast browser! Enjoy it!


Looks great with the new theme that implied it. Love it.

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I’m still only getting version when downloading.

Absolutely, there is so much that goes into these projects that we users don’t appreciate sometimes. My support is based on the hard work of both you and these fantastic developers. This is just one more example of why we are so proud of Comodo and all of the people involved. My hats off to accomplishments that I’ll never fully understand or fully appreciate. You guys have truly developed one hell of a browser. ;D

Kind words indeed! Thank you

hey can you guys work at fixing these vulnurabilites, if you did you would have the only browser that can pass the test.

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I hope this image will have transparent background in the next version. :wink:

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Great !!! :-TU
CD installed here… and workiing fine!!!
…and using chromium 8 engine!!!



A lot of holes in it? Translated into Russian? Can he upgrade to a newer version?


i just want to thank all of you guys for your hard work! This browser is awesome!

Thanks again!

Best regards,


Thank you for taking time to register and giving your feedback! :slight_smile:


Thank You for a FANTASTIC browser. It’s lightning fast. :smiley:

I give it five thumbs up! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

I also CIS, CSC, SE on my computer. It’s never run better.