Comodo Dragon ver beta is now available for download

Just type

about:flags in your address bar

And enable GPU acceleration


i was about to ditch this browser due to lack of updates. but now
It hard to make something stable and consistent, When google is consistently changing the code

I agree but with Google’s drive for a stable release every six weeks (Chromium Blog: Release Early, Release Often) I don’t see why Comodo can’t follow behind it a little more consistently.

Have you ever forked a product and tried to re-merge it? It can be insanely hard to do, especially if the code keeps changing rapidly every six weeks.

Honestly, I haven’t. Have I stopped using Dragon because of it’s slower development/release? I have.


When the dragon is expected to reach at least the stable version 6??
The Iron Srware longer than the 7.0-acting while the dragon is still in BETA … It takes just like a strudel rabbits rabbits but never made it …


Patience?? This joke is not it meant for?? The 7-inch verzipban on google says that more than 100 bug fixes are introduced here and now I should be happy for the version?? Do not you think that in this case, patience is not enough??

When you can’t wait simply use another Chromium based browser. As things are going now CD is behind on the merciless release schedule of the Chrome/Chromium world.