Comodo Dragon ver beta is now available for download

Comodo Dragon Beta is now available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems. The beta can download from the following link:

New in this version:

ADDED: Chromium 6 core is used.
ADDED: Comodo Secure DNS.

IMPROVED: Importing page of setup is corrected.
IMPROVED: License Agreement text color is black

FIXED: Text translation for different languages
FIXED: Comodo Dragon is written instead of Dragon where needed
FIXED: Sync Bookmarks with gmail account dialog is fixed
FIXED: Icons are shown in bookmarks manager
FIXED: Previews are shown on first browser opening

Known Issues:

  • DV color scheme is broken
  • Comodo logo is missed in XP that has to be shown left to system menu buttons

Kind regards,

Glad to hear it! O0

excellent news guys!

Thanks. :slight_smile: :-TU

will there be any prob or conflict if comodo dns is installed in the system & its in comodo dragon too. like slow browsing or any other prob or issue.

why the download is so big 27 mb?? almost every browser download is app 8-12mb.

comodo secure dns is integrated into the browser or it gives an option to install comodo secure dns in the system like CIS. if it is integrated into the browser, is there an option to not use it.


…downloading now, thanks for the long awaited update :wink:

+1 :-TU


Thanks :-TU

Seems faster. Now I get to run AdThwart! Thanks Comodo guys. :-TU

take a look at this

[attachment deleted by admin]

Looks like you removed Comodo as a Trusted CA, can you confirm this?

I did not. It was a temporary problem, it seems to be gone now.

IMPROVED: Mixed content warning policy: the warning goes now as soon as you leave the mixed-content page, even if you're still within the same domain
This doesn't work in ;)

Great to see, maybe time to ditch one of my other browsers.

at last an update…
i was about to ditch this browser due to lack of updates.
but now … ;D

Thank you, Comodo. All seems well after 24 hours. Now off to find some extensions…

What is the difference b/w Comodo Dragon and Google Chrome other than privacy issues?

You don’t contribute to the Chromium project, do you?

Or Do you optimize the previous Chromium build to make it faster?

I just can’t find any difference

The current Google Chrome 8 Dev, I am using is seems 100% faster than this build

Chrome 8 also includes GPU acceleration

Just my observations

I use Chrome 8 too but I didnt notice that. How do you know that?

It’s in the release notes and it has been talked about for about a week now.

Chrome 8 is still a developer build and not a stable release.

There is also a new GPU Process, e.g. when watching a video.