Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download

Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:

IMPROVED: Chromium core 6.0.472.63 is used
IMPROVED: Processing of domain validation has got better UI.
IMPROVED: Comodo Secure DNS is available.

FIXED: More UI elements are correctly translated.
FIXED: All browser’s windows have dragon’s GUI interface.

Known issues:
Google Chrome themes are not supported.

Kind regards,

good work guys!

a very nice Browser that is trustworthy!!!


Glad you unlocked the post. Thanks for the update :-TU.


i am having problem updating it

First stable Dragon that supports WebM. :slight_smile:

This improvement in Dragon 4.1 is still missing in 6.0:

IMPROVED: Mixed content warning policy: the warning goes now as soon as you leave the mixed-content page, even if you're still within the same domain

This version running very fast and stably for me so far. Well done guys.

Any reason that it might be faster than the last version?

For me this is almost as fast as K-Meleon, and that’s saying something.


Oh meant to say that so far this is working fine with Lastpass too. First version that has - last version was almost there…

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The 7.0.517.41’s version of a new release has not been revolutionary novelty. Hundreds of errors, including critical safety issues have improved the developers, Mac OS X that appeared in the AppleScript support; HTML5 parser algorithm were supplied to the engine, and has become a subsidy from the File API and directory upload input tag implemented.
Error list

Now, if these errors are even more critical in the class then I think that now holds a 6-inch version of the Dragon is not quite anemic?? not to mention the fact that the browser window, has already appeared in the Election Srware Iron Dragon when it will be this way?? Then maybe more people can use the Dragon

This version of Comodo Dragon is based on a chromium´s version from 2 months ago. It´s not update.

Also with LAzarus - no crashes yet. Previousl version caused random crashes

All good new so far. Well done the devs.


This version of CD IS stable. Much better than Google Chrome. I like it! I like it! I like it! ;D

Good software! I’m using for Browser . It is very fast, smooth and never Crash as Gogle Chrome. One friend on raymond forum tell me when I always see Chrome crashed!

Our developers spend so much time with bug fixing and taking out a lot of unnecessary code from Chrome (like some privacy related things that tracks stuff etc etc…)…

so this makes it more stable…Our developers are like the Second QA/Testing for the Chrome…:slight_smile: