Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download

Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:
IMPROVED: DV check is separated for each tab
IMPROVED: Versioning policy improved to correspond Dragon’s core

ADDED: Comodo logo near system menu

FIXED: Dragon stays as a default browser after uninstalling using silent mode
FIXED: “Open folder” window is modal now
FIXED: Email ID address is checked for validity in Subscribe screen
FIXED: Dragon uses latest installed Windows Media Player to play media content

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Just installed via update within CD.

Stupid question but where is the manual update in CDragon? I Looked under Setting and About but didn’t see it…

Great work guys on the new release!

I don’t think there is a manual updater for Dragon. You just click the about section as you did and it does it for you automatically…

Thanks, figured that out. Actually I hadn’t noted the release date and though this was an even newer release lol… Thanks for answering my question though :smiley: