Comodo Dragon ver 33.0 is now available for download


Thanks for the update. Curious though why you did not base it off of Chromium 34?


Just updated to ver 33.0

no longer functional.

PS Preferred no “Apps” in shortcut bar, and old page switch to go to Apps on “New Tab” page.
Also, I preferred older larger thumbnails on “New Tab” page.

Discouraging messages gives the impression that v33 is a bad update. I will continue using v31.1 until Comodo fixes the latest versions.

Hi drmoshe,
Right click the bookmarks bar and un-check ‘Show Apps Shortcut’.

I can not find a precise alternative to use the old ‘New Tab’ page, but an extension like the one below allows custom URLs etc.
New Tab Redirect Plus!-Chrome Web Store
BTW: I personally like the current new tab page.

Kind regards.

Hi string_game,
What about some encouraging messages about V33.
I have updated all of my systems to V33 with nothing but positive results.
Yes there are a few changes which will be debated, some users prefer no change in functionality of any program.
I personally like most of the changes and I can see an improvement in performance.
I have only seen one change that wasn’t to my personal preference, but it was easily reverted with an extension.

Don’t take my word for it, but it is worth a try IMO.

Kind regards.

I will try portable CD on a flash-drive and see what happens.

I’m having some minor issues with various Flash Player games on Facebook. At certain points in the games they are slowing down at certain times noticeably. They work fine in other v33 chrome builds and in chrome v34. Just my favourite Dragon I’m having issues with.

So far I have noticed Gardens of Time (at the end of a scene), Scrabble (starting up) and Zoo World 2 (after a mission) are affected. I’ve run exactly the same scenarios in SRware Iron and Chrome and they all run fine with no slow down.

Hi TheDukeUK,
Does disabling PrivDog or adding the FB game sites to PrivDogs exceptions help at all?
Just thinking out loud, that is all.

Kind regards.

Disabling PrivDog made no difference I’m sorry. It’s odd that the same game in Iron works fine with the same Flash Player.

Following that train of thought I’ve disabled all extensions and it makes no difference. At the end of a scene in Gardens of Time for instance it runs extremely slowly.

I’m just trying that trick we did last time to make Dragon use PepperFlash and the games does not want to start up.

Sorry I am totally guessing here as I do not have a FB account.
You could try disabling ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)’, found under privacy in the advanced settings.
You could also try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under system in the advanced settings.

If neither setting helps, let us hope someone else has some other suggestions or ideas.

Kind regards.

I may have found the issue. It appears this update has ignored all previous settings. I have a server here and the update changed my settings to enable secure DNS grrrrr. Okay checking all settings now and trying again.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Well I was sure that was it but correcting all settings and trying the ones you suggested made no difference sorry.

I also tried pointing my DNS to the router directly instead of my server and no difference either. I have tried this on 3 PCs here by the way and all exhibit the same issue at the same point in the various Facebook Flash Player games.

The only other suggestion I have is clearing your browsing data.

Edit: I just noticed where you said this is happening on 3 systems, so this does look more like a version issue.

Yep tried that. Sorry. Slightly loathe to clear my Flash Cache when the same Flash works fine with Iron so I am sure Flash is not the issue. Not sure what the issue is but maybe the devs will have some ideas next week.

So there is no way to get the ‘recently closed tabs’ drop-down back? Well this stinks, that was the main reason I switched to Comodo in the first place.

Is there a way to revert to an earlier version of Comodo or do I have to go looking for a new web browser again?

Yes there is.
You can get Comodo Dragon’s older versions here:

Hi Ed130,
The recently closed tabs option is still available under recent tabs’ in the main menu, instead of a new tab page.
Recover previous browser session (Multiple Tabs) (Updated to include V33).

Kind regards.

Replaced Dragon with Pale Moon because of choppy video playback on Facebook and video clips.
I experienced no problems with v31.1.