Comodo Dragon ver 33.0 is now available for download


Comodo Dragon 33.0 is now available for download from the following link:

What’s new:

  • Dragon is based on Chromium 33.0.1750.112.
  • Drag&Drop Add-on 2 version
  • PrivDog Add-on version

Known issues:

  • Dragon imports data from IE during installation instead of importing from the default browser.
  • Dragon internal URLs have duplicate entries in the suggestion box.
  • Dragon is not relaunched during manual update on limited account (Windows Vista).
  • The Google page translation service does not work in Dragon.

Great! Thanks!
Hope to see new upgrade soon with bugfixes and v34 core.

Many YouTube videos can not change the playback quality

Previous versions of Dragon also, but all versions Chrome work well

Thank you for the update. :-TU
I for one never lost trust in CD.

:BNC Yoopi Comodo Dragon most reliable Browser for me . Thanks for you hard work

Rename ffmpegsumo.dll from your CD installation folder. Restart browser and voilà.
I’m using PepperFlash and have same problem after I’ve activated HTML5 player for youtube. For me this is the only way to bring me back changing resolutions on youtube clips.

Finally, thanks for the update :-TU

Yes - works!

It would be desirable to see that is corrected? ( Fixed: )
The translation doesn’t work. ??? Not Fixed


Rename or Remove?

I usually rename files. Better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

At last, we have some better safity for this moment. Thanks. :-TU

Hello all. I have skipped the latest update, because:
Upon inspection of the certificate deepest into the tree used by Comodo to update old version,
it shows a validity date running till April 9, 2014.
Perhaps I am looking at the wrong (old?) certificate, but I don’t think so.
Then again, perhaps I am, but surely this must be the place to stand corrected :wink:

[Updated: solved]

good job guys!


The certificate dates are from an older setup version (31.1 or older). To download version 33 please use the link provided in the release announcement on the forum or use the browser’s own update mechanism.


What/where is Dragon Web Store?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Until finally the a loved software.

Follower Comodo Dragon in love is wonderful thing.

Thank you very much. Updated. Good Job.

Thank you kindly for clarifying, George-Silviu Blendea; fixed it.

Anyway to get back the old tab page? I switched to Dragon because of security and to get rid of that awful new tab page that Chrome was forcing.