Comodo Dragon ver 27.1 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 27.1 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 27.0.1453.110.

Now THAT was fast. Here’s to future updates coming out this fast.

Minor releases maybe. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lightstep and Comodo for the update. :-TU


Wow! That was fast!!!

Thanks. :-TU

Still has the Flash problem with

I’ve no problem whatsoever with Flash. I’m using pepperflash 11.7.700.203

Most of us use the Flash plugin for Chromium based browsers. It has issues in Dragon 27.

PepperFlash is Chrome’s default flash plugin (It’s better/more secure than Adobe’s).

So, everything Chromium has/does is more secure than anything else, far superior?
Security lies on the users, even if the browser and/or the plugins tend to be labeled as more “secure” users still tend to make them vulnerable.

But, Dragon is based on Chromium, not Chrome, and does not come with PepperFlash. It takes an involved process to get PepperFlash into Dragon and very few users will do it.

They both (Dragon, Iron, Chrome) are Chromium based: the pepperflash is the “official” flash plugins (with the new and more secure ppapi api) for them 'cause it works better (than Adobe’s with the old npapi api) with the browser’s sandbox.

From wiki:
On August 12, 2009, a page on Google Code introduced a new project, Pepper with the associated Pepper Plugin API (PPAPI), “a set of modifications to NPAPI to make plugins more portable and more secure”.
This extension is designed specifically to ease the implementation of out-of-process plugin execution. Further, the goals of the project are to provide a framework for making plugins fully cross-platform.

Chromium Google’s open source browser was the development web browser that first utilized the new browser plug-in model.

The Flash plugin for Chromium based browsers is the"official/native" PepperFlash (designed to work together and better with Chromium’s sandbox). Adobe’s npapi flash is the old road for old tech browsers (e.g. without sandbox, like firefox and old Opera with Presto engine).

I have latest CD & Adobe Flash.
The above site opened fine here.
What flash probs?

Me too, all work fine.

OK, Here too the header on that site sometimes appears & sometimes not. Refresh page also sometimes header appears & sometimes not.

It always works for me (PepperFlash: I’ve updated that thread with my plugin screenshot).

Again, the Chrome browser comes with PepperFlash. Dragon does not, it doesn’t have any Flash in it at all even though it is advertised as a “faster, more secure version of Chrome.” It is not easy to get PepperFlash into it since it has to be extracted from an installation of Chrome and will have to be done again at every update of the browser. Using the Flash plugin from Adobe is what almost everyone will do since it’s much easier. Therefore, saying that the page loads fine with Pepperflash is really almost irrelevant to the conversation.

You’re wrong, the other thread’s subject mentions the word “flash” only, not “adobe flash” ;D