Comodo Dragon ver 23.0 is now available for download

…if you have IceDragon or Firefox or any other Mozilla variant, you can download & install the Flash or Flash update through it & it will register in Dragon or Chrome or any other Chromium varient…

I’m pretty sure he’s saying he wants it to work in 23 not that he wants to go back to 22

Hi Nige_39,
The links from previous announced versions in topics usually redirect to the current version, the above link included. :wink:

If anyone does want a link to a previous version download they can be found at the link below.
Comodo Dragon at FileHippo

For anyone experiencing Flash problems check your version at the below link. [url=]Flash Player Version Check[/url]

Further enough captainsticks I understand now :slight_smile:

also for comodo on filehippo on getting a previous version download they can be found on there but under Latest Updates and you have to scroll down and look for it.

Under Browser & Plugin it only shows current version.

Also there is a shortcut. When Comodo Dragon gets updated and you wish to go back after you upgrade! then you can by looking on Filehippo, And Look under Latest Updates and then press the latest version and wait till page loads then look at the right side to get the last build. If you don’t see the Latest version there just for filehippo to update then you can do it.

I just thought I let you know and others.

Kind Regards

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Thanks Nige_39. :slight_smile:

Your welcome captainsticks

I added some extra info I forgot :o