Comodo Dragon ver 22.0 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 22.0 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 22.0.1229.91.


  • Flash player was not being installed with Dragon.

Thanks, downloading now ;D

Up and running, thanks.
The new About page was a pleasant surprise. :-TU

Comodo rulez!!!
Now, we wait for CIS…

only two wishes:

  1. master password support
  2. sync with comodo cloud (not google)

:P0l the smart police mann found someting ;D
The new version is

People are confius with 22.0
Have updated my own one and was wondering wat is it.
just a couple of figers but >:-D

Does that mean that when I run the portable version on a computer on which Flash Player has not been updated, that YouTube and other video on other sites will play, not relying on the outdated flash player currently installed on that machine?

Very good, thanks :-TU
Just a couple of remarks:

  • If you go to Settings, it’s written dragon://chrome/settings/ Is it meant to show “chrome”?
  • On Plugins there is “Chromoting Viewer”. Does it belong to Google Chrome? Don’t you think it’s better to delete it from CD or at least make it disable by default?
  • CD still creates a folder in the “Start menu” even if it was not there before updating… it’s like the desktop shortcut CD created in the past and that has been fixed… what about fixing this too (if there is the entry in start menu, keep it after updating. If not, don’t create it) ?

Nice work boys :-TU

Thanks for the release.

Updated and running perfectly.

Thanks for the quick update. :-TU

this release ■■■■■■■ up all of my extensions, my whole profile is messed up. it erased all of the settings in my extensions. Have to reset everything. Not cool

As a wrote above ,have updated without problems ,no extension or profile setting problems,but will be interesting to find out whats happened . Languy99 stay in tuch if You find wats caused the problem.
Will be someting to learn for the future :-TU

Very nice, keep up the great job :wink:

You can expect master password feature to appear soon.
As for sync with Comodo cloud, unfortunately Comodo is not able to handle the load on servers created by Dragon users.

We post releases indicating first 2 numbers for version. Third number indicates internal build number, it is not important because with each public release 1st or 2nd number always changes, therefore we are able to uniquely identify a version by using only 2 numbers.

The very same thing happens to me. Even after resetting everything again, nothing changed. Also completly uninstalling (incl. registry and %appdata% folders) and reinstalling from scratch has not solved anything. Everytime I restart the browser, all my extension settings are gone. This is extremely frustrating.

Running Windows 7 32-bit.

did you also remove your profile?

Absolutely. It asks during uninstall, also I use Revo Uninstaller which then removes everything left over on top of that. (I also checked manually in the %appdata%, %programfiles% and %programdata% directories).

Aside from the Extensions, Google Sync also doesn’t work well. It syncs Bookmarks, but not any passwords, or Extensions (they have to be reinstalled), and constantly a window pops up asking you to configure them again.

I went back to version 21.2 and all is fine. I’ve disabled auto updates for now until this is resolved, because the way it is with 22 it’s not usable and I don’t have time to configure my extensions every time I start Dragon. I really like the browser, but something’s gone wrong this time! Hopefully you’ll release a fix soon.

:P0l Ok thanks for explanation as we know police mans are not smart obviously