Comodo Dragon ver 21.2 is no longer available

This version has been rolled back.

Comodo Dragon 21.2 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 21.0.1180.89.


  • Changed default homepage and search engine to Yahoo.
  • Changed user agent to same value as in Chrome to fix compatibility problems.


  • Open new tab at startup option didn’t work.



Most excellent work peeps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update !

Works fine here.

Thanks for the update downloading now

What exactly does this mean?

  • Changed user agent to same value as in Chrome to fix compatibility problems.

great I was having huge problem with CD in some of the site… I think user agent will fix that problem…

Have a read User agent - Wikipedia

its also a good move for privacy, thanks comodo :slight_smile:

… making dragon look like chrome means you are digitally similar to a bigger crowd of people … making you less unique ( see also this topic - I linked panopticlick in there which will tell you a bit more on the subject )

As much as we would love dragon to be more popular the reasons most people are drawn to using it are only going to be attracting people who understand its advantages - the click yes / dont care about eula’s frequently suffering from slow machines crowd which probably comprises the biggest portion of internet users will more than likely never have a clue or care about why they should want to use dragon instead.

WHY? Who uses Yahoo search engine when google is there? I am sure the first thing everybody will do after installing this version is - change the search engine back to Google.
I am really curious to know why did u guys do this?

Then simply switch it. It is like I have to keep switching it to Yahoo! every time I installed the browser, but I did not complain about the switching, just the irony of the purpose of Dragon.

No of people going to switch to Google from Yahoo >>>>>>>>>>> No of people going to switch to Yahoo from Google.

means greater than.

And i am not complaining or something, i just want to know what was the reason of this decision? Is yahoo paying Comodo for this? Or some of the developers are big fan of Yahoo?

Just let them switch, it matters not if only one person uses Yahoo!, that would be me.

I had Google as prefered search engine in 21.1 and after upgrading to 21.2 it remains that way…

Now u dont make any sense. Leave it, that question was not for u.

Contradiction: If I want to use Dragon because I want to get rid of privacy concerns from Google, why use Google’s search since it overwrites Google’s privacy concerns? If you want to use Google’s search on Dragon it is no different than using Google’s search on Chrome.

I do not mind switching to Yahoo! or others, so I can chant with you guys, “Bring Google search back!”
Other than that, majority of users use Google, so why not bring it back, huh?

Now this is simply extreme to not use even the search engine of google even after knowing that none stands anywhere near it in comparison. It is stupidity. And how can u be sure that Yahoo has no privacy concerns? Google became so popular thats why everything about it was dug hard and they found this privacy thing, but nobody cares about Yahoo so it still stays unchecked.

Correction: Yahoo! is not put on the trial here, it is only Google, so Yahoo! can have its privacy issues and not be addressed, since many do not even bother using it.
There is “StartPage,” “Qrobe,” “IxQuick(Makers of StartPage),” “Privatelee(Made by Qrobe),” and many others that search Google and avoid you being tracked directly.

U seem to think as if Dragon is made for only one purpose - negate google and only google, and allow others even if they do the same thing as google.
Ur posts are not at all useful for me, u seem to have biased and delusional thoughts. I am waiting for an answer from Dragon Staff.

Hi Epinephrine,

We have recently agreed a deal with Yahoo to include their homepage with Dragon. This change was planned later on after we did an announcement.

For planning reasons we have rolled back the change but expect an announcement to follow in a few weeks.


Thanks for replying, i guessed the same. Congrats for the deal. Gud going.