Comodo Dragon ver 17.5 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 17.5 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Chromium core 17.0.963.79.
  • Multiple profiles support.
  • It is now possible to access local web resources with “Enable malware domain filtering” option enabled (doesn’t work on Windows XP yet).

Thanks Lightstep, downloading now…

thank you ! , hope u fix the issue that have been reported in the report section are :slight_smile:


excellent work guys!

Thank you for making the most secure browser!!!

Can the installer keep it’s fingers of the ‘Comodo Dragon Update service’.

I have disabled auto-update in Dragon and have set the service to ‘Manual’
but after install it’s set back to start Automatic at system startup,
even while Dragon shows that auto-updates are not enabled…

Most excellent work as always :-TU

Thanks CD team! It just gets faster after each release :slight_smile:

Updated and running like a charm.

Does anyone know what this is? or what it does

Congrats with this release. :slight_smile:


I also agree with this. But I have the service set to disabled and it gets re-enabled and set to automatic.

Same here. :-TU
Thanks for the update Comodo.

Auto update did not work, said “Install and restart”, but nothing happened. Had to download and install manually.

Thanks for the update.


Just wondering are we going to see Dragon 17.6 or Comodo will skip to version 18…

just wondering , does the new dragon build will have all the security fixes in the “google chrome release channel” ?? ???

I hope so and also hope it will be released soon…