Comodo Dragon ver 17.0 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 17.0 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Chromium core 17.0.963.38.


  • Silent update.


  • There is no way to switch between multiple user profiles.
  • “Comodo Dragon is unresponsive” message when launching a second instance of Dragon after install.
  • “Start browser in incognito mode” setting is hidden.


thank you for the update.

but :



This Version seems stable so far, apart from them known bugs :slight_smile:

Downloading now…

As always working like a charm :-TU

When I check for updates on my extensions Dragon crashes, does anybody else experience this?

It seems to be related to the Ad-Block AdBlock — best ad blocker - Chrome Web Store
I’m running 2.5.12 and 2.5.13 is available.

excellent work!

I have been waiting for this…

cool ! downloading it atm :a0

Why does it say Beta please ???

I don’t see BETA, did you install it over the 16.2 BETA from that little update loop thing?

there was no 16.2 beta the last beta was v12

Done a fresh download and now all tickety boo, must have got a borked download ???

17.0 here no BETA running smooth and i think faster than 16 (first impression) :-TU

I have the “beta” in the About dialog too. Updated using the internal updater.

I’m sorry, we made a mistake that caused stable Dragon to update to beta Dragon for some short period of time. Those, who updated Dragon during this period implicitly switched to using beta channel (that updates to the latest beta instead of the latest stable version).
To return back to stable.
Option 1:

  1. Uninstall Dragon.
  2. Download and install Dragon from this link
    Option 2:
    Delete file “beta” in Dragon folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon).

After removing the “beta” file the “beta” from the About dialog is gone. Is the file the only difference or do I have to download the installer again to get the stable version?


  • “Start browser in incognito mode” setting is hidden.

Is there any way to start the browser in incognito mode automatically with ver 17.0? It is a basic feature to me…

Hi, With my connection Dragon17 Comodo version has more “Ping” with version 16.2.
Before my “Ping” was 68 and now my “Ping” is 74. :cry:
Does anyone know why?

isn’t chromium 17 supposed to have panels enabled by default

Ping is not a static number. It will vary depending on how congested the internet is, distance from the server you’re pinging, the route taken to the server, etc…

Your web browser will have no effect on your ping.