Comodo Dragon ver 14.2 is now available for download

I think they should also change the circle icon…for me it’s sometimes hard to see download progress (green against grey background).
And please, add “Remove from hard disk” option like in ChromePlus…I have already sent this idea to the wishlist.

i just realized that dragon is using the newest stable chromium core available. i just checked dragon against the newest stable version of chrome and the version numbers are the same, 14.0.835.202. this is awesome. the chromium core version should be put in the release notes

It is there…

Version 14.2 was just minor upgrade…it is based on the same Chromium version as 14.1.

But still I would say its not good. It should update/upgrade without these types of things.


In IE you can see the file size to be downloaded before hitting save/run. I would like to see this in CD. Currently you can see the file size only after hitting save/run & then going to downloads.



When I download from Comodo depending on the file it will start downloading immediately ex. CCE, or it will ask me IF I want to “Keep” the file ex. Comodo Dragon, and start downloading.

If I go to the right “Show all downloads” it will show me the files size to the left of that the progression and to the right time remaining. Are if you go to the dragon at the top and downloads the same thing.

I have a problem with most downloads from Comodo at the end becoming slower than a snail with arthritis. Some files would get to 50 B/s and 3 days remaining and then time out. Normally I have no problems at other sites downloading.

After eventually being able to download CCE when I go to run it (last 4 times) it wants to update the database and stalls at 5%.

At least for me currently it takes a lot of patience, and retry s downloading from Comodo.

As I am typing this reply, the download link for Dragon gives me an error, and when I click on the lastest CCE download link, it immediately shows interrupted.

Edit The Dragon download link is now up. And my download is as usual it started with 2 hours remaining and after 10 minutes is at 89 B/s with 3 Days remaining.

But again in reply to your comment, when downloading from Comodo using Dragon, I do see a progression and time remaining in Dragon.


Waiting for new version

Then I can return to Dragon (hopefully).

+1 this would help determine if a file is legit or not because if you see for example a huge file size like 8 gb for firefox installer then you know that’s fake. please add that

You still have the cancel option soon after download starts and it doesn’t auto open unless you have allowed this in the past.

Internet explorer technically starts downloading straight away before run/save is clicked and only stops after cancel is clicked, so IMO there is no real difference.

The CPU utilization is very high with Dragon. Very often increases the CPU load increases significantly and very disturbing, so that you can do almost anything. In Facebook, for example, that’s really bad. Is this due to the Dragon or the original Chrome as well? So that bothers me extremely.

frends, when nev ver. dragon :wink:

I am getting a noticeable better experience with the latest version DRAGON.

It makes my humble computer do things much quicker.


Just updated to
Looks good. :smiley:

Seems to be a lot better. The previous version I was not so full. This update was worth it, succeeded.