Comodo Dragon ver 14.2 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 14.2 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Silent installer (“/S” command line argument).


  • Opening web pages that made use of Direct3D library (e.g. Mac - Apple) caused error message (“d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer”).
  • The Dragon window flickered (showed standard title bar) on focusing.
  • Redundant message boxes were showing during auto-update on Window XP.
  • Dragon updates were not deleted from temp folder after installation.

Note (Windows XP).
Due to the bug in previous version of Dragon when auto-updating on Windows XP
you need to uncheck “Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity” (otherwise the installer will fail).

Thanks Lightstep :-TU

2 times installation failed on XP. I had unchecked the protect…

Some dragon.dll error.

Not trying 3 time.

Dont want to waste my bandwidth against the useless update.

Why dont you check the update throughly & then release it?


Frustrated by Comodo’s every unprofessional releases & updates.


2 times installation failed on XP. I had unchecked the protect...............

Some dragon.dll error.

Not trying 3 time.

What version do you try to update?
Can you send me the error screenshot?

I tried to update 14.1.

Now I am running AV scan. After completion I will try to update again & post the results here.


Strange, the 3rd time it updated fine.

But, it imported IE favourites even though I haven’t selected to import. This shouldn’t happen.


It has done this for me for about the last 4 or 5 versions. It imports your bookmarks from your default browser.

Recent error d3dx9_43.dll confirmed fixed thanks :-TU.

No problems updating here and all working fine.

HeffeD & Naren,
I tried a few different installs, updating existing and then a complete uninstall profile and all/reinstall and could not reproduce the import bookmarks issue.
I also thought it might have been if you choose to make Dragon the default browser or not during install but it still did not import any bookmarks unless I told it to. (Note I am yet to try this on XP)

Question. Many of the features in Options I am not sure to check or uncheck, mainly Under the Hood, any performance issues on selecting all at the top ?

Under Network I know of no proxy connections and wondered what the performance difference would be changing form the default of allow plugins to control my proxy settings to Direct Connect?

Thanks again

I have tried fresh install & upgrading on both XP SP3 32 & 7 64 Bits.

Win 7 64 - No prob with fresh install & upgrading too.
XP 32 - Upgrading - as I mentioned in previous post favourites were imported even though I didn’t selected to import. And Comodo Dragon as a default was not selected.
Fresh Install - Only one prob. While installing I selected use Comodo DNS for dragon only but after install when I checked options DNS setting was unchecked. This bug I have also reported for previous versions.

And yes whenever I uninstall dragon I also delete the profile & manually delete the remains of CD.

Its strange CD is a 32 Bit browser & doesn’t installs fine in 32 Bit system but installs fine in 64 bits systems.


I can reproduce it every time by doing an upgrade using the bulit-in updater. If I download the file manually and install it that way, the upgrade does not import any bookmarks from the default browser.

Win XP Pro, SP3. 32bit.

Hi Guys,
Tried on both XP SP2 and Win7 now.
Just trying to help eliminate why some systems behave differently regarding the bookmarks issue.

One difference with our systems to possibly create the different outcome is that I have not updated my old system to SP3 it is still running XP SP2 (I know slack attack on my behalf)?

what is the benifit of this feature and how do you enable it.


  • Silent installer (“/S” command line argument)"

also sometimes the comodo logo in the bottom left corner of the new tab page disappears. open 2 new tabs and then go back to the first new tab and it should be gone on the original tab. i’m not using any themes. win 7 64 bit home premium with newest service pack

This feature is more for admins and programmers than for regular users. It allows to install Dragon programmatically from the script without user interface interaction. For example, admin can create configuration that will install Dragon on multiple workstations without need to launch each installation manually and going through the install wizard.

Also you can find useful to check silent installer’s description in the help:

Nice smooth update for me, liking the Comodo branding more as it clearly stands out, just does my head in when re-direction to google chrome for extension store hehe.

Keep up the good work, am giving this Browser a little more use each time, coming from a die hard FF browser fan.

How would a user know if he/she doesn’t visit the forum? Not everyone visit the forum.

Not good.


Thanks for the update :-TU.


Why is it that dragon sometimes gives a yellow warning for virustotal & the other moment no warning? Happened quite a few times. Strange, why?


Just a small privilege :).

If you do a quick web search for Comodo Dragon Changelog you will get a few locations.

don’t know if this is a bug but there’s no download progress info or download speed when downloading files. for example, 5.6/8mb at 20kbps. 15 sec remaining