Comodo Dragon ver 12.2 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 12.2 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Ability to use Comodo Secure DNS in Dragon only.
  • New toolbar button that allows to scan web page with Comodo Site Inspector.


  • Chromium core 12.0.742.112 is used.

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Hi LightStep,

For some strange reason when I tried to install the update several times. One time I saw a message saying it was a portable version and the installation location was not recommended.

I went to delete the current installation and could not find it listed in Add and Remove in the control panel nor in Revo Uninstaller. So instead of updating I went to the main download page and downloaded from there.

The download went smoothly and manually deleted the old Dragon link on the desktop. I was surprised that the install did not see the Comodo Dragon file underr Program Files nor the old link, and then remove and update with the latest version.

Never noticed before that under Search Engine Mangagement Yahoo listed

Just wondered what disadvantage is it to use the Comodo DNS for everything?


Win 7 64 update went fine. Love the new features dns in dragon only & site inspector. But site inspector is manual scanning. Will there be an automatic version of SI? OR the automatic version will feature only in CIS (as read here in the forum)


It is not recommended to install a Portable version in Program Files because user profile is also saved in Program Files. And this may cause problems with UAC enabled that prohibits modification of files in Program Files folder.

Portable version is not added to Add and Remove in the control panel. This may be the reason.

Here you can read about advantages of Comodo Secure DNS: Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022

Automatic version is in our to-do list. But i’m not sure will it be implemented.

Cannot install or upgrade. Get an Error running Setup message.
Windows Vista x64

Do you mean to say automatic version may not be there in the dragon but it will feature in CIS?


good work guys…i like the SiteInspector button :slight_smile:

Congratulations with the release. Nice to see Site Inspector getting added. :slight_smile:

yeaaah SI is my favorite, i’m big fan and supporter of this and i hope it wil be sucesfully implement in other products.

Though I do not use Comodo Dragon, I’m glad to see the Ability to use Comodo Secure DNS in Dragon only.

I wonder how does that work?

Verifies the sites you are going to and sees they are not malicious, compared to their list of sites that are rendered safe.

I had problems in the University accessing the login prompt to get online, when I had the global DNS feature enabled, so I hope this just affects Dragon.

can i have some screen shots how it looks like?

It’s a background process, you can’t see it, but it’s there and working.

Bug posted.

Thanks for the SiteInspector button! :-TU

Excellent job Team :-TU

Update went smoothly, Win7 Ult x64.

New features are great.

Idea for tag line - Dragon the malware fighters choice.


can’t update even if i try a fresh install.

win 7 64bit.

i get error launching set message. still doesn’t work if i try to run install as admin. my account is admin

Have it up and running smooth on win 7 64bit… The addition of the Site Inspector Button and the ability to use secure DNS with browser are awesome achievements! :-TU

Are you sure it is not your Internet (cache, failed download etc.)? Please, check file integrity or download the file with a downloader.
Tested on Win7 64bit as well (with admin rights), got no problems.