Comodo Dragon ver 12.1 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 12.1 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Portable version.
  • Option to disable referrer (Wrench > Options > Under the hood > Privacy).


  • Chromium core 12.0.742.91 is used.

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Where is the link to download portable version?


Hi Naren. The Portable version is the same installer.
Please see help Here and Here

Thanxx Captain.

You are welcome Naren.
I think it was a great idea to incorporate this feature.

Yes the portable CD is indeed a good option.


Cognrats with the release. :slight_smile:

Both new options are great! Am loving this browser even more! Permanent addition to my arsenal!

I hear ya, “Do not allow websites to know where you came from” is something I wanted built-in in Chromium browser. Other than that, I normally was using Ghostery, so it’s a combination. :slight_smile:

Blocking the referrer is a great option, it with blocking persistent cookies will help secure and add privacy to your browser! I was really pleased to see this come out in this release, and have been passing on this info to all… ;D

Same here. It’s about time we get something that is useful like this, other than “Clear history and cookies upon exiting” which I also favor so much.

To my friend who didn’t want Google knowing where he is, it’s his IP that gives the location, not the browser. So, he has to look for the use of Scroogle or Proxy.

I agree but it’s my only browser of choice now. I use it at home and at work.

It is the only browser I am using also! ;D
I use it and CIS together, perfect combo! My sytem is extremely responsive, and quite secure!

Typo in window during 12.1 install (my brain initiated a STOP error – I used to be a proofreader during my college years!)

“Aplication is running. Please close Comodo Dragon and try again.”

i like the option in the update to get the portable version when you run the setup file but there’s no option to uncheck putting a shortcut on the desktop. i wish the installer would either give an option to not place a shortcut or just look to see if the user has a shortcut on the desktop for the existing version of dragon the user is using. if the user doesn’t have one on the desktop then it doesn’t put one. if the user has one on the desktop then it lets the shortcut remain. also CIS didn’t recognize the setup file for dragon when i ran it. CIS should always recognize all comodo related files and products. good release though

where’s the link to adobes site to remove flash cookies at in dragons privacy section under the hood

Try control panel:

[attachment deleted by admin]

i know about the control panel thing. i’m just wondering why i don’t see the link to the adobe site to clear flash cookies. i see it in your last screen shot in the clear browsing data section and i see it in the screen shot here on comodo dragons help page in the cookies and site data exceptions section

Comodo Dragon - Manage Cookies | Web Browser a beta version of dragon instead of a stable version and allow for the vice versa to happen as well

but when i go to clear browsing data or cookies and site data exceptions, the link isn’t there.

i’m just wondering why i can’t see the link. i’m using 12.1 non portable version on windows 7 home premium. is it taken out on 12.1 and you guys are just using old screen shots or is this just on my install that the link isn’t there

I am using the installed version of 12.1 and it’s not there either. Running Vista Home Premium, so that proves it being universal.

If they are just mimicking the Chrome version, it was stated that the Flash cookies are cleared from within.

Because I don’t use Dragon, I hadn’t downloaded the latest version. The link is in 11.4 but seems to have been removed from 12.1. However, if you have ‘Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data’ selected, it will also clear flash cookies.