Comodo Dragon ver 11.4 is now available for download

Hi all!

What about synchronization with Google account? I get only bookmarks synchronized, but not extensions. :cry:

I got a problem with newest version. It crashes too often and in absolutelly different cases. I never had such problems with the previous versions. Can I downgrade to the previous stable version somehow?

Hi Paland welcome. Sorry to hear that this version has caused problems for you, if you could give details of the problem a bug report would be appreciated thanks. Bug reports here
Also while it is still available you could download V10 Here and uninstall the current version. All the best and kind regards.

Sync with bookmarks and themes will be fixed in Dragon 12.

i have the option to inspect element but once i click it, there’s nothing in the console even if i have something highlighted. it’s weird that you don’t even have the option but i do. it just doesn’t show anything once i select it and we both use 11.4. i wonder if a revo uninstall with a fresh install would fix this. i upgraded through a previous version of dragon. maybe it didn’t upgrade right. idk

Thanks for letting us know. We have added it to our bug tracking system and most probably will fix it for Dragon 12.