Comodo Dragon ver 11.4 is now available for download

I replaced ChromePlus with Dragon. ;D

So far its great! :-TU

me too

Me three. Seriously, I really did, not intending to start this chain on purpose.

I honestly don’t understand where it begin to become “slow and sluggish” to you, it’s puzzling.

When I used CD in January 2011 it was really ‘slow and sluggish’ then I dropped it. So with some apprehension I’ve recently installed new CD - and it was OK!

I forgot when I was using it, but for the sluggish part, you can simply defrag the computer and presto.

Anybody having problems getting Dragon to import data (bookmarks, etc…) from Firefox? I can import from IE, but not Firefox. ???

Hi HeffeD. Yes it didn’t work here either. I exported the bookmarks from FF as HTML file then imported them into CD from that file using the import function. This worked fine, but direct from FF failed. Kind regards.

Thanks CaptainSticks!

Yes, that method works, but is a bit roundabout. As Firefox is one of the more popular browsers, this is something that should be looked at by the devs.

I have just done a bit of checking about and it appears Chrome and FF4 are having the same problem.
So it is not just a Dragon issue, a bit deeper digging might be required.

??? I downloaded successfully yesterday. Today, I went to use Inspect Element from the right-click Context menu and it is gone(the option for Inspect Element). Is this deliberate? If so, I would like a way to uninstall this version and get an older version that has Inspect Element. I ended up using my Canary Chrome to get Inspect Element. I am not a happy camper right now.
I have been telling my friends about your browser and how much I liked it. I can’t use your DNS Server because there is no place to white list a site. If you ever allow us to do that, I would be thrilled! Thanks for the browser.
I hope you can fix the missing Inspect Element soon.

With the previous version, I had no difficulty to translate a text to English. Now when I right click a text, the option to translate is in grey and then doesn’t work anymore. In my options settings the “offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language I read” is enabled.

Is this a temporary problem or a bug?


Hate to say this, but I recommend the Google Translate extension.

The Dragon’s in-build translation tool is powerful and reliable. The only problem is that it doesn’t work, at least for me, since the new release.

Most of the time, the built-in translator won’t translate sites, when it detects some words as English. If it assumes the site is English, I won’t translate what’s non-English, so that’s where the extension comes in. If they had a similar tool with another translation program other than Google, I would get it instantly. There are some with different translating programs but they don’t work like that extension.

Have to say that it works fine for me. I tried a page in French and instead of Grey, it was there and usable.

Hi SRWomack,

not a bug then if it works for you. I’m not as happy and it doesn’t work on none of my computers. On one of them, I made today a clean install of Dragon, but it didn’t solve my translation’s problem.

Thanks anyway for the info.


i’m having problems importing rss feeds which i wish chrome or dragon would add support for by default like every other browser and have it work like firefox. yes i know of the rss feed addons and i hate all of them

Why is there anybody frustrating around with flash player??
I installed the newest comodo dragon already, but EVERY time I load a page it asks me to RUN THIS TIME. It’s annoying, you know!
Well, I tried to UPDATE PLUG-IN as it suggested me to do, but once I arrived at adobe page and click the “Download now” button, I get

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee, help me out of this!!!

Hi Rvsth. Have you tried This link and choose for other browsers in step 2. Good luck.