Comodo Dragon ver 11.4 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 11.4 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Button on toolbar to share page (via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).
  • Option to specify proxy settings only for Dragon (Wrench > Options > Under the hood).
  • Option to start browser in incognito mode (Wrench > Options > Under the hood).
  • Option to clear history on exit (Wrench > Options > Under the hood).
  • New installer (size was reduced).


  • Chromium core 11.0.696.71 is used

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Hi lightstep,

thank you for the new release and the continued improvement of Dragon.

Will the release 11.4 install on trough update or is a clean install required?


welldone guys!

It will install on through update.

downloading now…


I tried 3 times to update Dragon, but each time Dragon Setup.exe was sandboxed. Each time, I answered don’t sandbox again and moved the setup.exe to trusted file, but at the next attempt it was again sandboxed and the update couldn’t install fully.
I rebooted the computer, same thing.
Finally, I had to disable the sandbox to perform the update.

Now version 11.4 is running smoothly.

Well, I wanted to give you this feedback.


Just updated

Can we see a screen-shot of this? Cheers. :slight_smile:

Is it optional? Can it be hidden?

Here is a screenshot:

Can be hidden in Options > Basics.

This is all I get/see when I click the button:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sorry, I had forgotten to enable “automatically detect installer/updater and run them outside the sandbox” before updating Dragon. My mistake. I enabled it on the other computer and of course the update performed without problem.


Glad it had this option to hide, downloaded. Thanks .

Pdf test pls.

Smpls :

I wish there was a way to disable this:


  • Button on toolbar to share page (via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).

Dragon was my default browser, it has now been uninstalled :-TD

Don’t use any of these sites and if I did I would link there myself.

Is it add-ware or spy-ware, it would be easier to clean a Trojan off your system than this rubbish!

I think the way it is described is a bit over the top. It is only a button that takes you to a URL which is easily removed following the steps in reply 8 of this Topic from Lightstep. It is a world away from spyware or adware. I would understand easier if it was not optional. Kind regards.

Click on the wrench, select options. Click on basics. Look where it says Toolbar. Untick the box that says show share button.

To Lightstep. We probably no longer require the link to Flash player storage settings, because the latest version is done via Windows control panel and is not web based. Check here Thanks.

Thanks for that, I know it is not spyware. I just hate it when something works and is good, then all of a sudden you have some ■■■■ in your toolbar, out of no where.
I hate anything that hijacks your browser >:-D

Tried for 1/2 hour to remove it…LOL to simple

Is reinstalled and working.

:slight_smile: Glad all is going well. IMO it would make sense for it to be disabled by default install, with the option to enable it. It would have saved you some time. Kind regards.

After update of 11.4, CD is back up running fast again. Previously it had become slow and sluggish
over time.

:-TU Great work.