Comodo Dragon ver beta Released

Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download from the following link:

The version is based on 4.0 Chromium core

New FEATURE (as per previous beta too)
Green address bar for EV sites - Comodo Dragon will show the address bar background as green for secure SSL/TLS connections which have been authenticated to the Extended Validation EV level, more trusted. This similar behavior as seen Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

More info here about EV certification.

New in this version:
FIXED: Improved install/upgrade stability
FIXED: Bookmarks issues
FIXED: Skin issues
FIXED: Extensions issues (tools button were hidden from the Toolbar after installing extensions)
FIXED: “Dragon is unresponsive” message after “set it as default browser”

Please report your bugs in this topic :

Version based on 4.0 so ---- EXTENSIONS!!!

Now I can swap from Chrome, full time!

Well done guys excellent news


apparently you missed the previous beta build based on chrome V4 88)

Nice work guys, I expect much (more) from you :slight_smile:


Whoops! :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t close this thread, how anyone can say a thanks for the fast job? :-TU

I have no idea who closed it, let me open it again.


excellent work guys!


Work fine. I like it ! Thank you :comodorocks:

I have been using Dragon for a a few weeks now and I like it. Keep up the good work!

Mouse1, are you talking about me? ;D