Comodo Dragon ver Released

Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:

FIXED: New version downloading with UAC enabled
FIXED: Activation request
FIXED: Copyright information in AboutBox

Kind regards,

I have been testing this Dragon more lately as IE8 continues to regularly crash (it has become very annoying).
I find this browser faster by far, and has yet to crash.
I still have reservations until plugin flexibility is resolved (i.e. I have a few plugins that are great enhancers and my printer has its own plugin for more control over what and how things are printed).
I am highly looking forward to the day this little gem reaches maturity.
Well done, Vadym and team.

excellent work guys!


Excellent Browser! :comodorocks:

I’ve been testing other browsers due to the issues I’ve been having with IE8 and I have to say, this browser has been working flawlessly. I can’t believe at the speed in which it loads web pages. Using IE it would take roughly 5-8 seconds before it even started to load a page. It was getting frustrating to say the least.

Keep up the good work and thanks!

Since this is based on Chromium, could you make it compatible with plugins such as Xmarks, which is available to Chrome?

Support will be available in the next major version.




Every time I try to download from the server I get a website error -“Problem loading page - cannot find server”

Same for for both Firefox & IE8

Is there a problem?



Can’t wait for extension support :slight_smile:

Great work on this! Been using it as my default browser since released.

Only noticed a minor GUI bug. Works fine when maximized but when minimized the window seems to behind the taskbar and you can’t read what’s at the bottom.

Other than that, loving it!

I started a thread on the Comodo Dragon here… :-TU

Thank you :slight_smile:

there is A LOT more to come into the browser!!!

We are very aggressive when it comes to development, and we will make sure to add many innovation and features into Comodo Dragon.


WOW! Did I get a new computer? No, just switched to Dragon. I’ve never seen my pages load faster! Way to go! ;D :-TU

Well I give this browser a run now and again, and look forward (and hope) to see it progress and shape very nicely. Then you may tempt me to ditch Firefox… >:-D

thank you :slight_smile:

pls do tell us the features you like in firefox that u want to see in dragon…

Dragon will eat the little fox…:slight_smile:


More direct cookie control would be nice. A general “restrict how 3rd party cookies are used” is a little vague to me. May be just me, but I like the way Firefox allows you to control what cookies you allow or deny.

What I’d definitely like to see in Dragon and that would also be a reason for me to switch immediately would be these:

  • less memory consumption, i.e.: FF, at the moment, consumes around 150 - 250 MB with addons, Chrome with 4 addons, namely WOT, AdBlock, some Video Downloader and AdBlock button around 290 MB
  • integrate as optional addons similar, or the exact, like these: AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, Brief, Privacy +, WOT