Comodo Dragon ver Released!

Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:

IMPROVED: New version is now downloaded with setup
IMPROVED: Domain Validation check visualisation

FIXED: links on preview page
FIXED: Installation result on finish page
FIXED: Importing window is modal now

ADDED: Possibility to install into user selected location

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Hi Vadym,

Any idea if it will support it’s “own proxy” settings someday?

I run IE settings through a proxy to have control over IE behavior but would like to have CD go out without proxy…

Same here. See post below:-;msg365174

Btw, thanks for the update :-TU.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Duh? so this is not a BETA but a Official Release?

Got me all confused as well, thought this was Beta, and there would be many new and exciting things in Beta before a Official Final release? 88)

Thank you, CD is working very well. Any ideas when we can use chrome extensions?

few queries -

  1. CD has 2 processes, Dragon.exe, m i right??

  2. no status bar, right??

  3. cannot change the download location, right??

  4. phishing and malware protection is from chrome or comodo coz i tested 4 phish sites from phishtank, internet explorer blocked all, CD none. weak malware protection.

  5. is vengine in CD??

  6. is wot compatible with CD??

plzz clear all these points. by the way running fine on xp sp3 home.


So tell me, how does this browser is more secure and provides more privacy than Google’s Chrome when it doesn’t pass a simple referrer test? ???

Or is it just a rebranded Chromium? ???

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Some things they removed from the Google version…

Excellent work guys!

Lets get the next version out :wink:

I really am looking forward to all these new features in Dragon especially ******* ******* . Its gonna be soooo coool!!! :slight_smile:


I see. In general, Comodo’s devs removed from the source code all the spyware that Google had implemented.;D That’s a good thing :-TU :-TU, but I would like to see an easy way to disable/enable sending of the referrer. Most websites doesn’t need it to proper function anyway, and I don’t see any reason why I should broadcast it to them.

Chromium performance is still better than Firefox. But the latest one is starting to keep up. >:-D

Anyway, is there any adblock to Chromium based web browser which doesn’t work like a proxy server?

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How does the memory consumption fare compared to the other browsers?

Hi metalforlife

Here’s a simple test with Opera 10.10, Firefox 3.6, IE8 and Dragon all showing the google homepage. I guess it’s a little unfair as CD is a multi-process browser so I’ve added a second screenshot minus google homepage for CD.


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Thanks for the update :-TU , all is well after 24 hours except Avast Web Shield still doesn’t scan HTTP traffic.

Just a small point, the colour that was put into the GUI of Beta has now disappeared :o.
Is there any ‘Comodo’ Themes planned for the GUI as the ones on the >:-D’Goo**e’ site are not up to much :wink:

How can we translate the English texts?

Thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Version is now released:

Comodo Dragon