Comodo Dragon v66.0.3359.117 is now available for download

Thanks! I’m looking forward to it :-TU.

Hi all,

Comodo Dragon Version 67.0.3396.73 (32-bit) Beta is now available for beta testing.

Quit bundling Comodo cloud Anti-Virus! My dragon updated itself so I had No opportunity to refuse the bundled software. PLEASE! I thought you guys were one of the ‘good guys’ I had to uninstall the CCAV . BAD .

Hi kenhall5551

We feel that CCAV and Comodo are a good paring for safe browsing, even better is to install our full CIS suite with our award winning AV-Test Top Product award and firewall.

Both the Comodo Dragon installation and update do not automatically install CCAV. CCAV is offered post install with an offer screen, the offer screen has a decline button in the bottom left. If you don’t want CCAV just simply click this decline button on the offer screen.



Thanks Shane. I meant no disrespect towards any of your oroducts. I must have “hurried by” the message about the cloud anti-virus. All Comodo products I’ve used have been top notch.(including the Cloud Anti-Virus) I install security systems into desktop and laptop PCs. I ALWAYS recomend the ‘defult deny’ software that Comodo makes to all my clients.

No problem :slight_smile:

Glad we could assist.

Some extensions not working anymore after update. Privacy Badger, uBlock, Comodo Online Security(!). It just says “file cannot be found” when trying to configure an extension and some of them display just gray puzzle piece (pic attached).

Now that I re-installed every non-working extension they do work again. Strange…!;new#new