Comodo Dragon v57.0.2987.93 is now available for download.

Hello everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v57.0.2987.93.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Some general videos failed to play correct.
  • Pages opened with middle-click on a hyperlink don’t finish loading and they don’t render properly
  • Videos from are not successfully played;
  • Videos stop playing after scrolling down for a while on Facebook.
  • Videos stop playing after scrolling down for a while on Twitter.
  • “Signal Private Messenger” Chrome app is not working.

Comodo Dragon v57.0.2987.93 can be downloaded from:

md5 c2f472a3b4da458f1d6881cc107acb6d
sha1: edbedb613337390a54f4d5b0e695af93ca4166e0
sha256: d23e350f4ecac247ecb431da68cac4312b6590d3d92d68ac30364b2821e3165b

The Comodo Browser Team.

Have serious issues with uploading files to OneDrive with Dragon v57.x. Failed uploads like 99% of the times. No issues at all with v55.x

Uploads through Firefox & Vivaldi works perfect.

Question… why isn’t chrome://plugins/ working any longer?

And updated… :slight_smile:

Excellent :slight_smile:

Hi Barough,
The plugin control page has been removed from the base, from version 57.
Please see the external links below.
Google removes Plugin controls from Chrome-ghacks
Chrome 57 (Canary) : no longer possible desactivate a plugin-Google

Kind regards.

Thanks for the update Comodo. :-TU

Still getting the update error that was seen in the previous version " Downloaded file is not properly signed " and so will not update - screenshot attached - so have to manually download and run installer to update ???

I also still have the issue with the ’ Home ’ button not working, when clicked the browser remains on the current page and not opening the Home Page that has been set in settings ???

Thnx for update :-TU

Here installed just fine (Windows 7 64-bit).

I don’t have it set to auto update, but notified as expected . . . dowloaded and installed fine here

(Win 10, 64 Ver 1703 Build 15063.296)

In Settings, “Use hardware acceleration when available” is now grayed out. How can I get it back?

Hello Barough,

Please let us know what error message do you get when the OneDrive upload fails.

Thank you.

Thnx for the info captainsticks.

That just sux soo bad :frowning:

It just say that the upload failed. Nothing else.

Hello Dolphin66,

Please browse to C:\Windows\Temp, check if the dragon_setup.exe file was successfully downloaded, if it is signed by COMODO and let us know your findings. To check the file signatures, right click on the file and navigate to the “Digital Signatures” panel.

Thank you.


Unfortunately it did not download and screenshot attached for the only files in the temp folder.

P.S This is on a win7 Pro, 32bit machine with Symantec endpoint 14 installed and running through a websense TRITON AP-ENDPOINT web proxy server

sw did an auto update - with a pop up to let me know it updated.

STILL have the same issues with flash rendering (not complete, hangs, etc); actually it’s a little worse now - regardless of whether hardware acceleration is on or off.

Hello dmktracker,

Please provide us more information:

  • Windows version (w/ 32 or 64-bit) e.g: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit);
  • Adobe PPAPI Flash version;
  • Plugins/Themes/Extensions installed in Comodo Dragon;
  • installed CPU model;
  • the amount of RAM installed on system;
  • website examples where the rendering issues occurs.

Thank you.

mine too, and any site with acceleration sucks! (like youtube), in this state is unusable please fix soon!
for now im not using it, previous versions works fine!
I have a gtx 1070 latest driver and win10 x64

Hi, Victor,
Here’s my specs:

  • Win7 Home Premium, 64 bit
  • ppapi
  • don’t know name of theme it is by Lukas Hudec. No extensions or plugins.
  • Intel core i3
  • 8 GB
  • This is happening on Facebook for the app for the panic room. I just use the app for the game from the game developer - I’m not using this new Facebook game app thing.

What’s happening is when you mouse over items for the pop up that shows description or other info the pop up doesn’t appear in full and then the part that doesn’t initially show appears and ghosts for a few seconds once you go to something else. List of items to find doesn’t display correctly once you click on first item - all items on the list then turn to half full and overlap/overlay each other as you click on more found items or the new items for the list don’t show at all (makes it kinda hard to play if you don’t know what you’re supposed find, lol).

Also instead of something moving slowly/evenly across the screen you see multiples of the item (an arrow for example) trailing across the screen and they stay there instead of fading off - the smooth movement of the item across the screen is gone. Also seeing remnants of various pop up info windows staying on screen even though the pop up has been closed. Sometimes clicking something will cause that remnant to go away; other times it doesn’t.

The above does not happen on other browsers and only started on max with the last two updates.

  • Clearing cache has not made any difference.

  • Changing flash settings for hardware acceleration makes no difference (on or off - all the same things are happening).

  • Resetting to default theme seems like it may have resolved the problem for most things. That is until i went into a room to collect items. Then it went back to half render and stuff hanging/ghosting and the list actually is worse. After going through a couple rooms i checked and other pop ups that had been displaying normally were back to appearing halfway and/or parts hanging around even when closed.

I added capital letters where applicable and a paragraph to add structure for an easier read. I made no changes to the content. Eric

really, eric??? well, that’s insulting to say the least. i don’t use caps on forums for numerous valid reasons and the paragraphs were fine/correct to begin with so there was no need, at all, to make any modifications to my post. it’s even more insulting that you changed MY post but none of the others that also don’t have caps.

the most insulting thing is that there still hasn’t been a response to this problem, nor a solution.

I enjoy using Dragon as my main browser from time to time but it seems to have been quite a while since the last update. Chrome is currently at 59 but and update from the devs or beta testing would be great. Keeping fingers crossed for an update someday soon.


i responded to your request on 5/27 and it’s now 7/16 and you’ve not responded. if there is no solution to the issues, please let me know. thank you.